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Tom's shown the Rhun Habar line from Callanish to Malta via King's Lynn (Line/lion,etc.) going through the Edinburgh Reshel grid very near to the Center. A bend in the axis at King's Lynn (The Wash: center) to connect with Malta doesn't bother me at all.

I've noticed before that "Sea Temples" will often appear as centers or major poles often denoting the higher level grids and bringing in the Atlan sea mysteries, Time systems. I think one reason Thoth's name for his main logo he calls a "Trident" (mastery of Time) as well as a Lily. The glyph is one of the 24 letters in Metatron's Alphabet of the Arc/Ark, called "thoth" in the original Eloii language. So the "transom" of the grid-boat: Chapel St Leonards to Gibraltar Point, with Skegness between, is a Sea-Temple N-S line in the overall dual-dipole Dione Couplet.

I'm still grinning about noting the "Skeg" (of Skegness) as the part of the keel that supports the transom (aft end of the boat) and the rudder (giving directional control)... then finding "East and West Keal" on the E-W line! That, coupled with the "Viking Way" is really a kick. Maybe your overlapping circles are shields (coded identity, labyrinths, spinners, etc.)? Just looking to the west there are a few points of interest: Sherwood Forest and Sherwood Pines, also Temple Normanton near Chesterfield. The "Norman-ton" is obvious but "sher-wood" may not be. The boat's "sheer-wood" is the "garboard strake" or upper edge on the hull's side... two sides of course: Starboard (steer board because the steering oar was always on the right) and Port, formerly "Larboard" (Lade-board because the side for lading the vessel was on the left to keep clumsy steersmen from knocking the steering oar off.. ie the side the "port" or pier is on). Chapel St Leonards would likely represent the steering oar and Gibraltar Point the "land" side. Perhaps there's a resonant harmonic with the Brit base at Gibraltar. There certainly is in the Azalah Grid where Malta is a key pole... this is of large importance re the planetary MESSIANIC Grid.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/Azalah02.pdf Azalah (Messianic) grid. (Where a Great Circle bend may appear, apply the Shaka transfer process to the curved line, or just connect straight lines between poles, a form of serpent.)

Building a long-boat or Knorr in the 13-1400s was much like building a temple, using spiritual alchemy in materials and ingrammed thought-forms. I call them "Temple-ships" now simply to indicate that there is a difference between run-of-the-mill merchant vessels and serious sea keeping vessels. In 1398 a fleet transited the Atlantic, to Nova Scotia, under Sinclair leadership. 5 of the vessels were "Temple built" and formed the core energetic grid of the fleet (information from innerplanes sources). The group transited the Isle of Ruta site (present Faraday Seamounts, about 49N 29W) and triggered a Time link with Ruta which did not "fall", being too holy. 8 days of "Time Storms" set up the Time link. Also, I'm told, there were 12 innerplanes merkabas (vessels) containing the group... Sinclair called them 'ghost ships.'

He built and programmed his ship (3 masts, square rigged with one jib, very simple in those days) with a primary WINGED SHAMIR (serpent, dragon) thought form AS the ship. A bird was programmed with the Shamir, their two heads merged (This is a remarkable correspondence with the Bird-Whale on the Lindisfarne L where they have a common head. The Eden Tree Serpent or Shamir is lower in the L.)

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/Lindis12b.pdf bird-whale head and serpent.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/LindisL11a.pdf Lindisfarne L geometry developed .

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/LindisLondonOvum01.pdf Lindisfarne pattern over London, with Chiswick House matrix, lines London on The Wash. This ley is one of the 3 leys in the Rhun Habar grid.

Sinclair also programmed a sword over the ship, I think this was also a navigational aid to "point" on required bearings. He named the ship "ORPHEUS" and the sword's name "TITAN" for Titan Oceanus, the only Titan that didn't mutiny.

Don't worry about how scattered your systems appear while you are finding them, they will be organizing the telluric hot points; just try and shift to higher awareness into a Metatronic level and let the Land talk to you... the Green-Man effect. Use a "Selah breath" to make all connections across Time(s), dimensions, situational events, et al, that relate to the Project. Using the Selah Breath employs the Absolute simplicity to resolve the Absolute complexity. Project it from the center of the chest (heart chakra matrix), ie the Eden Point of the future.




Dare you wear awearness?



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