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Your grid seems to be greatly increasing in function and Metatronic importance as you find more points. I'm beginning to think that itís the main contol system for the Rhun Habar Grid, working through its Center in The Wash (a Mar, teleplane correspondence)... giving access to the Sea but being supported by a land pole where humans can physically interact (King's Lynn). If this is so, then your grid would have direct links into the King's Lynn and The Wash points. Possibly more than the main one via the Rhun Habar axis going through the grail's surface. Your grid, King's Lynn, and The Wash center would form a trinity of sorts where your grid is the main device driver and King's Lynn is likely the place where the relevant light group would pivot the action for other groups actually in the grid.

You might look at "Chapel St. Leonard's" on the coast as the other pole to Lincoln Cathedral (am thinking of a Dione Couplet with the RH axis system in the central Creation Field.) Remember, if you do this, that half of the grid can be under water and that may be its most important area as a "Sea Temple." Seriously consider the Seal Sanctuary at Skegness ("Skeg" is another nautical term), also "Gibraltar" at Gibraltar Point. These points would provide a rough N-S line into The Wash, at 90 degrees, and a really important coherent grid may be found when linking in your system. This seems to me to open a very large view of this thing; I don't have the map to do this until I can get into the Google Earth situation so I'm just looking at a rough overview now.





Your grid seems to be developed enough that I will approach Thoth/Maia for a name and brief description of its function. Do you see any areas where it will expand further?

I suggest that you NOT change your circles' sizes to conform to the Reshel size UNLESS the change is very clearly indicated by your various sites, stones, towers, churches, etc. I trust your intuition. The CENTER of your complex grid is the vital point, being in the Pool of the Moon/Life, exactly.

RE the Rhun Habar axis matching the surface of the Reshel's grail cup and my question about its connection points:

(Your answer) My line runs from callainish..58 11' 50.66" N.......6 44' 50.55" W as depicted as the stones on google earth. To the red dot centre of kings lynn as depicted on google earth...this is the line depicted on the attachment...hits the springs right on the button...and exits lincs at New Leake on the southern coast of the county ......but this will be off to a direct hit on Malta as Tom mentioned."

OK. I assume the line is good, as one straight ley, from Callanish to King's Lynn by The Wash, going through the Edinburgh Reshel grid near its center.

RE the "Military" and governments, etc. the OWL (bad guys) have penetrated all organizations including the Chruch (Collective). Please read the KOALA paper for a good perspective. The Brit and US military are probably the more trustworthy single social organization that I'd trust for the most part as far as dedication to higher ideals and the rest. They have an OWL factions as does everyone else, also they aren't much smarter than anyone else as to Ascension dynamics. But I am not worried in any event. The grids are not vulnerable if they are Metatronically functional, fallen agencies can't use them. However the Metatronic frequency range at its lowest does have an interface layer in the very high mental dimension that the OWL and Greys (fallen ETs, Nephilistic) can access. Thus it seems to me that some amount of mischief can be done at high, but fallen, consciousness levels ...very low harmonics of the Metatronic grids.

This is why, if you are a grid worker (or anyone else for that matter), that you shift your attention-focus and full awareness into the Metatronic level ASAP. This reduces or eliminates the karmic "hook" you carry that would provide access. That is clearly oversimplified but you need to look at the Nartoomids' KOALA before we can go into detail.

Putting aside the Fall Factor and returning to the objectives of this Continuum reality: the Reshel system is fully Metatronic (Techad or ISIS Eye, 3rd Breastplate of Metatron) BUT it can safely adjust to low frequencies and energy/consciousness levels in this Oritronic continuum reality. Further, in this adjustment, it will calibrate to the agent (person, group, land) using it (assuming all the rest of the variables are correct: right Intent, cooperation with Hierarchy, continued effort to clear and get one's vibration up, using most efficient systems resonant with the Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord, etc.). You are obviously in a good Metatronic position since you were able to find an essential Metatronic system... a form of "Green Man" discernment. But I think you should consider it as a good start point that requires some amount of work in follow-up.

1. A "grid" is, for our purposes here, a matrix that organizes consciousness functions and supporting energy systems reflecting one or more states of being. A grid does not have to be a geometric form but can be an apparently nonconnected or geometrically unpatterned collection of systems (often called "chakras" in that they are attuned to process consciousness as thought forms, connected functions, energy systems) as subsystems in the larger system. Example: the 12 chakras in the Planetary Metatronic Ascension Grid... without geometric patterning.

2. Grid poles can be connected (or not) by energy lines, often called "leys" in contemporary usage, relating to lines or paths. ("Ley" is probably Old English, could relate to both "lay" and "lie" in context. Mainly to "lay in a direction or position", many nautical uses that would fit.) Grids can be on curved lines as well as straight although straight or combinations of straight lines are most economical of space and energy: a universal law of Economy of Action. Some leys may be measured or felt as a thin etheric line or sometimes a yard or so in diameter. In terms of about 5 miles a ley could "adjust" within several feet from being in a straight line with other poles.

3. Other qualities of connectives: leys can travel over the curved surface of the Earth or go through stone or Earths' shields. There can be a "resultant" line from a matrix of curved or offset poles. (Example: the Michael-Mari Line is a resultant of two sinuous paths with male and female charges relating to Michael and Mari in quality of State of Being perceived by the dowser(s).) Offset points, from any distance, can be projected to a resultant straight or curved line through intented linkage ... called the "Shaka" effect. The projection would be the shortest distance between point and line, intersecting the line at a right (90 deg) angle. (Staffs or other lines/columns are programed in this way.)

4. 3-dimensional space is a holographic illusion wherein the greater reality lies in a flat plane called a "teleplane", that is, a plane coded with the thought forms defining a specific reality frame within a Time continuum or sub-area. This is often called a "4-Square" or Containment Field. Higher formats refer to this plane as a "vault, ark, arc." The flat plane can project to form a 3-D box or 6-plane system working much like the fictional "Holodeck" in the recent Star Trek TV and motion pictures. (This "holodeck" used the rooms' 6 planes as computer-sufraces to project solid 3-D realities within the room. The computer could be reprogramed at any time, thus 3-D reality changed instantly. This is a Metatronic reality.)

5. Advanced grid theory requires consideration of the Flashing Universe dynamic whereby our more familiar "Compression" Universe implodes cyclicly into an "Expansion" (torus) formed universe, via a "Neutra" Universe which is most real. This is a very large subject; I'm only identifying it here as a vital factor. The flat teleplane plane can then be projected into the Line. The teleplane will also be found as a teledisk (Siegel Field or spinner) or a telesphere. The teleplane has two surfaces with a Selah (Nothing, Void) space between. This space of no-space is also the Neutra Universe location.

6. The original glyphs used in the Hebrew alphabet describe these creation dynamics including those used in the Reshel system. Hebrew is one of the 5 sacred languages resulting from the common original language: the Eloii language. Sansckrit is another.

7. Every Form has its own Pillar (connective); the pillar/tower/tube usually relates to a triangle (numbers 3/6). The Form(s) to numbers 4/8, and the Seed to numbers 5/10 (note the HOLOS or Prayer of the Temple Graces for the Universal Seed format). The total Female matrix is a "7" or Sheeba system in the West. In the East the total female is the "Shakti" or Prakriti (relative to the male Purusha). The Sheeba-7 will require a male or 8th pole for insemination, etc. The primary duality uses the Dione Couplet or dual dipole Dione Couplet: male and female as double generating poles. (This system extensively used in J-C scripture.) The Dione Couple also uses the Reshel wiith its rhombic Time Gates. REFERENCES

RE KOALA reference, I think you can download it from:
http://www.shsstore.org/info/ARTCL-0001.htm topics addressed
http://www.shsstore.org/cgi-bin/easycart_catalog_remote.cgi?mode=show_category&s ku=ARTCL-0001.exe ordering page ($6, US)

RE angles in the Reshel:

Along the base line (Event Horizon): at the Threshold of Sythia: 51.8 to Pyramid apex, 26.3 to the Resh pole (main Grail vesica angle, also major in Earth grids), 60 to the Vau point (equilatereal triangle, called the Haepathia). At the Pool of the Moon point: 3 lines: 72 to apex of the pentastar (zayin pole), rhombus: draw line to apex of the Pyramid, another to the Kronos point (this is a phi-squared distance, altitiude). The Pools of the Moon (2 of them) is the base of the pentastar; the radius from the shiyn pole is about .7904 of the distance to the Threshold of Sythia point (base of the Pyramid).



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