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Discovered another vesica west of the Maltby geometry and west of R/H focused on the vesica tb axis...new vesicas are forming with the axis aligned the other way nw/se....90 degrees to the Bruer /Maltby axis .

The vesica axis connecting Maltby to Bruer has in between it an innumerable amount of churches on the radius of the the proven measure…It was so compounding I had to draw them in.

Also along the Viking way coming out of Lincoln is a bridge across the river witham,called 5 mile bridge, there’s also a five mile farm and five mile house....its the end point of the repeating circles emanating from lincoln...to create the lattice ball…36 petalled rose..here the Viking way spikes northwards...but does not cross the river so the bridge has no use to the Viking way for passage, only as a distance marker.

The sacred measure diameter controlling all the circles is 5.15 MILES

The Viking way gives us also in its design the sacred measure to decode the geometry of Bruer/Lincoln/Maltby and Tetford.

With it, I covered every church with the circles area along the Bruer/Maltby axis line ...repeating the circle in one direction.....it was confirmed on many levels, including ancient moats,tumuli,priory's,churches and medieval settlements....this is all on the Maltby /Bruer axis...move off it and it doesnt work .

The viking way steps with the lines of the circles, whoever designed the Viking way was aware, if only subconsciously of repeating concentric circles in this central area towards the RH and Benniworth springs.

At key points (turns/changes in direction) they align with the other geometry and may have been recognized as the point in which to focus on another area....knowing that at that point they were in alignment with another part of the geometry.

I have discovered all the abbeys, these two sit at the start of the line of concentric circles, between the river Witham and the circle – ‘tunnel’ ...to Benniworth springs.

Something may have been done at the abbeys before entering the tunnel of circles to reappear the other end at Benniworth and the RH conjuction.....Maltby geometry was then feeding in something from the top .

The map now looks lop sided with most of the geometry on the east side of RH....To the West....lies lonely Bruer.....yet everything is pointing back at it.

Tone .


All your reasons are quite good and well thought out in my opinion. You can use a few specialized words with them... "nonlinear Time" and "Racial Mind/Soul" are good ones that explain much of what you've said. Only one point: the "energy" doesn't decide anything, the Hierarchy does. The Earth itself shifts things around and makes things happen but the Earth is a sentient being using thought and related energy. The planet has its own Hierarchy for direct operations including the one you are working on now; good protocol would have you obtaining persmission from the 'Spirit of the Land' to be flailing about in its back yard.

1972-76+ was a critical time in bringing in Ascension dynamics worldwide. The Reshel system was downloaded into the Racial Mind at that time and projected into the Planetary and Racial Mind via the Planetary Roil/Royale point (Hawaii)then. Since the Reshel is apparently the governing system you are now finding it’s quite likely that the "rambler" was walking it into the land then, in its upgraded version and within a nonlinear Time dynamic. Don't be afraid to depart from it in places if you feel you have a good intuitive sense of the larger picture as you go along. The path is a version of the "Green Man" effect only a path is used rather than a projected image.

When thinking about Vikings' boats remember that the serpent is their main association with the long ship, hence one sees many of them with the dragon head on the stem and pointed "tail" at the stern. You might call the Path the "Dragon Path" since many people have biased opinions of the Vikings (probably with good reason) and you might also be alert for the pattern in other areas and systems.

If you build a solid story for the grid relating to a long ship you might consider calling the path the "Dragon-Ship Way" or something like that, for a little drama.

Concerning the SHAMIR as a dragon, serpent, orm: this is the Hebrew description of the word(s).




The Viking way is not an ancient Viking pathway but goes through ancient areas, it was actually designed by a rambler in 1976.

So how come the geometry interacts with the walk.?

1.The rambler subconscious was manipulated to choose a route that would get walkers to interact with the geometry....for whatever reason.

2.The rambler knew of the geometry and built the walk around it .

3.The rambler connected to some other intelligence that guided his route.....for whatever reason .

4.The energy decides the route will take and is beyond time as the energy is always there...so time does not come into it, only the energy determines what manifest for any given time.

5.Because of the above other things are happening in the same space related to the planning of the route, but relative for the time that its in ...so in other dimensions or the past something else is happening in the very spot which may or may not have a bearing on the path and the routes manifestation for the present time.

6.It was actually a Viking path that the rambler subconsciously picked up when designing it.







It is clearly interwoven with the system; it strongly suggests a form of labyrinth "walking the path" which would have varying results depending on the Walker's intention. The walk could activate/upgrade either the grid or walker. It might need human interaction at intervals due to zodiacal timing, world events, celestial special events, etc.



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