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Introduction - Reshel

I'm pleased that Tone has included some of my material in his site, as a friend and fellow worker. Itís a situation where two parallel paths have clicked together, matching well in intention and timing in Europe's intricate phasing with the "Ascension" (Transition) dynamics found in her grid systems. This happened first with the RHUN HABAR grid of major importance, stretching between the Callanish Stones to Malta and resonant with the Hathor Temple at Dendera (Egypt) and making a vital link joining Europe with the Mideast "forebrains" in the collective Gaia and Racial Mind/Soul "brain."

My specialty is the discovery and possible participation in the reactivation or upgrade of the ancient Ascension grid systems, now relevant in the Metatronic surge into a Transition much beyond the usual succession of "New Ages." My work is based on information from innerdimensional sources under the supervision of Metatron (highest archangel), the archangel Michael, and human Hierarchical luminary "Thoth" Raismes of Aphra as translated by Maia Nartoomid. Over a 35 year period this focus in grid organization of consciousness and associated energy systems has had wide input from many such sources, all consistent in the advancement of the present Universal transition into a collective Metatronic state of being.

This type of information has always been available across the Ages; it is found in the "Akashic Record" which can be translated by many physical humans. This Record is much more than the "Book of Life" found in scripture; it is "...the planetary 'Recorder Cell,' where thought, feeling and occurrences throughout all time in the planet's history are stored as a record of knowledge within the subtle etheric substance of the planet." (Thoth/Maia: http://www.spiritmythos.org/TM/akashic/akashrec.html ).

The last large group application of this information was by the Knights Templar followed by the Masons. Although much is found in Judeo-Christian scripture there is virtually no written history of these grid systems, for obvious reasons. The essential grid is called the "Techad, or ISIS Eye" or in the more accessible sacred language the "RESHEL" in Hebrew. It means: "Chief Head Stone of God" and is a "Breastplate of Metatron" (of 24). Its importance can be appreciated by referring to 1 Peter 2:4-8, Ephesians 2:19-22, and Psalms 118:19-28... to cite only a few examples.

The "Chief Corner Stone" usually connected with the Chief Head Stone is the golden-ratio rhombus format generally found in temples and earth grids as an "L" shape representing the rhombus' minor and major axes... thus the "corner" reference. It is also a Metatronic Breastplate called the "Eye of Ra" or "L-Gate", or in the Ps 118 reference the "Gates of the Righteous" and "Gate of the Lord"... there being two sets in the Reshel system. This grid is both a Time gate as well as a Pillar. (The two pillars in the Solomon Temple are examples: the Bo-Az and Yah-chen pillars where the unseen central pillar is the "Layooesh" pillar in modern parlance.

Most of grid activity is in the etheric and mental dimensions however they usually ground in the physical dimension with at least several anchor points: stone pillars, cathedrals, henges, mountains, et al. The physical anchoring will be the grid's chief reinitialization orientation however the grids can duplicate themselves, spin to track the Sun, stars or events in the planet or Celestial Sphere. This highly dynamic, complex movement must be remembered when viewing graphics showing grids in primary alignments. This requires close inspection of other important sites within the spin-field.

Another source of information is from practical light-group work. I have over 4000 hours of in-process time (over the 35 years), many times in three sessions a day and including review of taped sessions I could not sit in. A group closely resembles a temple or earth grid using Reshel systems for organization and operation. The group process also uses "free flow" in which innerplanes mentors control the fast-moving energetics. In this way I've noted hundreds of variations and special applications in how grids are operated in layered dimensions.

I am a retired Navy Commander (USN) and am used to cutting through distractions and side issues in an attempt to keep on track with rapid economy of effort. This trait is especially useful when trying to think in multilevels and possibilities when encountering and tracking highly confusing and insubstantial paranormal phenomena. I am presently a Minister in the independent and liberal Catholic Church of Antioch (Malibar Rite). I do not have a congregation but rather I do research in Ascension dynamics specializing in energetic and consciousness systems. Since I am an inept psychic I pay very close attention to other persons' phenomena and its effects, particularly in group formations. I have had a number of paranormal experiences associated with lessons, so I know how they feel and what they can do.


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