Temple Rockley/Avebury

TR 2 -The seven circles and the hexagon

TR2 shows the seven circles creating the flower of life, the circle encasing them along with the Hexagon .

Using the 5.15 circles allow us to see how beautifully it all fits together with the main sites locally.

The main inner circle is impressive enough having Avebury and Barbury Castle on the circumference along with the churches of West Overton, Winterbourne Monkton and Berwick Bassett.

The South circle is also interesting with Avebury and Silbury hill hitting the circle edge along with the white horse to the East

Avebury sits at the junction point of three 5.15 circles !

The white horse positions seem to be falling on the circumference of circles, the North West white horse falling on the merging of two 5.15 circles. The other two shown on the graphic sit on the same larger circle that encases the seven smaller circles.



Dare you wear awearness?



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