Temple Rockley/Avebury

TR 1 - Clock Mount ! - Rockley 5.15 Geometry .

Temple Rockley sits in an ampitheatre of hills , the centre of the geometry being hard to find let alone see or access.

Fyfield downs, to its south, provides what the local tourist board notice describes as ‘A fine example of naturally occurring sarsen stones’…..which is odd and gives over the impression they spring out of the ground all on their own. Many look like they were once upright and have fallen over or been pushed over.

Walking in the surrounding area makes one wonder why they should be found in such large quantities just ‘lying about’….some are huge… …..yet are not found in abundance on such a scale North, East or West.

Just South for about 2 miles between… Lockeridge /Avebury/Temple Rockley….You would think there would be more ‘Naturally occurring sarsen Stones’ locally in other directions .

As I approached the centre of the geometry , more appeared and seemed to be laid out in the direction of the geometry centre, local farmers had moved many to the edge of the field to maximise crop revenue.

Alternative theory would be that originally Avebury was not the centre of attention…The area currently known as Temple Rockley was, and that these random stones were once neatly ordered to mark either the approach to the sacred centre or laid out in a specific pattern .

The original pattern may have been lost to vandalism over the years following, or the stones just moved to make life more convenient…. as is happening now.

The centre itself shows several very big loose sarsen stones around the location and one big one that some would say “Is a naturally occurring sarsen stone.”

Checking google for an aerial view of the site showed geometry depicted/used in the layout/construction of the grounds.

Interestingly the geometry centre is marked as’ temple bottom’…the same name given to the temple bruer vortex point which is also called ‘temple bottom/thompsons bottom…..is it just me or is there more than coincidence at work here.

Two sites, both the centres of geometry working with the natural landscape features and sacred points/churches, both areas showing Knights Templar influence , both sat in natural dips /hollows and both called ‘Temple Bottom’.

Both geometry centres at Bruer and Rockley sit in a natural hollow/dip or sink hole with the surrounding land.

Not only that , the whole site shows a white horse image in the landscape, created by copse and hedge boundaries with the centre of the geometry being marked by a lake and a summer house at the focal point of the layout of the grounds.

At this point are several large ‘naturally occurring sarsen stones.’

With the area geometry encompassing 7 White horse cliff drawings I couldn’t help but marvel at the sense of humour of the intelligence working this reality….this is truly the green man effect in action…images in the landscape indeed.

I was truly surprised that not more had been made of these stones .

Avebury lies on the edge of the main circle centred on Temple Rockley, which has on its circumference :


Avebury circle/church, Barbury Castle, Winterbourne Monkton church, West Overton church, Tumuli, Uffcott down, Rough down, Ogbourne down,

Within this circle is the 6 petalled flower of life created by six surrounding circles all 5.15 miles/10 000 megalithic yards in diameter.

Making 7 circles in total….creating a hexagon which encases the inner geometry.

On the north circle :

Temple Rockley centre, White horse, Bincknoll Castle, Richardson’s Village (ancient), Ogbourne Down.

South circle:

Temple Rockley centre, Avebury circle/church, Silbury Hill, Tumuli, Golden Ball Hill, Rough down.

North West circle.

White Horse, Broad Town church, Temple Rockley, Uffcott down, South West circle:

Temple Rockley , Yatesbury church, Richardsons village.

North East circle:

Uffcott Down, Temple Rockley, Rough down, Whitefield Hill,

South East circle:

Temple Rockley, Ogbourne down, Combe down,

Circle enclosing hexagon:

Windmill hill, Woodhill ancient settlement, White horse, Milk hill, Martinsell fort, Chiseldon church,

12 Pointed Star /Clock…………………………It was great to see one of the hands pointing to an ancient site called clock mount ,complete with abbey site.

Clock mount, Clock mount abbey, Bremhill church, Beacon Hill, Olivers Castle, Etchilhampton church, Wilsford church. Giants Grave, Easton Hill, Easton Royal, Great Bedwyn, Roman Villa, Baydon Church, Giants grave, Swindon Church, Swindon church, Swindon church, Swindon church, Swindon church , Swindon church, Windmill Hill, Milk Hill, Patney church, Woodborough hill, Church remains, Leigh hill, St Catherines church, Whitefield hill, Chiseldon church, Bradenstoke church.

White horses.

Numerous white horses exist in the area, 7 so far… there may be more not all are ancient …some being Victorian , but landscape geometry is beyond time…and affects past and present manifestations…..so all is relative.

Some of the white horses are spaced at 5.15 distance ratios and two create a perfect 90 degree with the centre at Temple Rockley see graphic TR1, with three in a line on one side of the 90 Degree triangle.


The roundabout systems in Swindon align profoundly with the grid network as does the M4 main road junction near Wootton bassett…….the M4 even follows the line of the geometry N/W before veering off.

To the East it again follows the geometry for a distance past Chiseldon.


Many of the hills involved in the geometry are also sites of crop circle activity….a visit to the crop circle connector link below will show some of the formations that have appeared….including some of the most spectacular .

Towns :

Calne’s outline fits well to the ‘clock geometry point’ coming in from the East as does Wootton Bassett.



Dare you wear awearness?



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