Aslackby 5.15


Another Templar site and more geometry in the landscape.......Based around another 5.151 mile circle.

Where does coincidence end and order begin?

Alslackby is situated in South Lincolnshire, England between Sleaford and Bourne.

What we have here are two main circles, North and South (red) with a larger circle around both ( blue) adhering to the 5.15 measure and the sacred Earth / Moon ratio see diagram below.




The Blue lines are the GP ( Great pyramid 51.5 degree ) lines working off the red inner circles.

The North red circle has 4 churches on its circumference...and one large house, Newton House.

Walcot Church
Newton Church
Newton House
Scredington Church
Aunsby Church

Within the North circle there is a 12 pointed ( double hex ) star ..... Noted by the green lines .....And a distorted pentagram.

The double hex / green lines hit .

Spanby Church
Aswarby Church

The pentagram brings in :

Osbournby Church
Spanby church ( again)
Threakingham Beacon
Scredington Church ( again)

Amazingly the layout of this pentagram is the same as Rennes Le Chateau penta.....which is also distorted but still has 36 degrees on each point. A regular pentagram has 36 degrees on each point /arm but it’s possible to distort the shape and still have 36 degree angles...ah the magic of mathematics !

The geometric act leaves no room for error and if drawn slightly out of alignment will throw the whole image off . That’s why it’s even more remarkable to find it within landscape patterns...creators perfection ?

The extended penta arm points into the south circle.

Second (South circle) Circle centre is Folkingham Castle ...the original entrance.

On the circumference we have:

Threekingham Church
Pickworth Church
Aslackby Church
Sempringham Church
Sempringham Holy well
Sempringham Priory
North and South circles ( red) have the same diameter.

Where the North circle contains 4 points of the penta on its circumference, the South circle has the intrusive elongated penta arm coming into it.

The centre of the North red circle is also the crossover point of the Pentagrams main ‘ meaty ‘ legs......Not far from Osbournby church.

Incredibly the elongated point flows to the centre of the smaller hex star ( green ) that looks to be the magical space where its all going on.

The Southern seal ( six pointed star, green)

The Southern seal /Star was the first discovery.

I knew Sempringham Priory, Holy well and Church would be involved in the geometry.

Joining up Folkingham Castle, Sempringham Church and Aslackby Church created a perfect equilateral triangle, the centre of which is near a low point ( sink hole) in the land just on the slope of Beacon Hill.

Places with the name Beacon Hill are significant, as the name is not random or by chance.

Places known as Beacon Hill were used as high points locally to light beacons / fires for religious purposes or as a warning.....So what turns out to be a ‘Beacon Hill’ next to the centre of the star has significance.....For this point / area to be equally spaced from Folkingham castle , Sempringham and Aslackby ( Templar ) I feel is not by chance and suggests knowledge of the layout by the people involved at these places .


They weren’t and its all an act of God / Architect / Devil ...take your pick out of that lot or another one that runs your current belief system ;-) ...Coincidence it is not.

‘Beacon Hill’ appears in other grids found at Templar sites. Threekingham Beacon is on the penta shoulder line.

Threekingham ( three kings ? land of three kings ,three points ? Aslackby, Folkingham and Sempringham) ..great fun playing with the meaning.

Ancient Footpaths - Always clues with old routes and footpaths.

Scredington Church ( penta arm, North red circle circumference )
Has 5 old footpaths leading to the penta arm point.

Sempringham Church ( South red circle circumference, pyramid line, green hex circle circumference and seal /star point)

Has 4 old paths leading to it .
Sempringham Church / Holy well
Sits on the circumference of the South red circle
Sits on the circumference of the hex star /green circle
Sits at the end of a hex star point
Sits on the 51.5 pyramid line ( blue)

The North West penta arm point near Aunsby Church also has a footpath leading into it.

Interestingly one path can take you from Sempringham Church all the way to the centre of the Hex star and elongated penta arm point on the slope of Beacon Hill.

Some of the churches involved have some very special characteristics.....Which will be mentioned in more detail in later articles with pics, once the initial reccy mission has been completed .

These will appear in the Aslackby section of TM website off Knights Templar tab.

Watch this space.

Be seeing you .




Dare you wear awearness?

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