I have been wanting to look into the South East corner of France for a while….Ever since reading the excellent book ‘Sacred treasure, Secret power’ by Guy Patton and Robin Mackness.


The book is centred on the Rennes le Chateau mystery and the elusive missing treasure …of which there are rumoured to be many in the area .. from Merovingian treasure, Templar treasure, Visigothic treasure and of course the Cathar’s treasure….which may be a ‘composite bag’ of booty of the previous three.

The book has some great original insights …One of which is the idea that the Templar’s intended to create an independent Templar state in this very important are of S.E France …..Covering the area from the Med. up to Carcassone and Rlc.

Graphic from SACRED TREASURE SECRET POWER ISBN : 0-330-37351-X

I have taken a picture from Guy and Robs book …illustrating the proposed area.

I suppose if there was to be an independent Templar state here then maybe its possible future funds were deposited in the region to help establish it…..To me though the treasure is the transformational grids and energy that abound in this area…It’s delicious and nutritious for those on the bus of awakening consciousness.

One of the major ports for the Templar’s within this area was Collioure….Today it still has the magnificent Chateau Royale as a standing reminder of their presence in the area.

Knowing of the areas significance I decided to look into a possible grid at Collioure.

Away from the coast it appears pretty Spartan, although the main features that should fall in with a grid did so very well…bridges, churches, forts, natural springs and of course Chateau Royale.

I’m looking forward to another adventure in the region but for now I have no grid report…Just the rundown on the layout as seen from above on IGN 1:25000 map.

Collioure Grid.

Total circle diameter 5.151 miles…..the very internal circle is exactly half the measure and becomes the standard for the Flower of Life ‘back boiler’ that lays the foundation power for the 4 fold Reshel overlay.

4 pentacles, 4 equilateral triangles, 4 51.51 pyramids and the Earth Moon circle running to proportion with the very core inner circle…..Which contains the 12 petals of the flower of life.

Flower of Life

Lots of complimentary manifestations on flower petal points….2 natural springs/fountains, 1 chateau, 1 bridge, ruins, Hermitage, chapel and church.

Star features involved in grid.

5 in total…..IGN map notes in the key that:

Star = ‘Place of diverse interest’

Near Rennes le Chateau the same ‘stars’ are shown on that map and on a site visit often turned out to be ancient Dolmens or Menhirs ( standing stones ). Only through a grid expedition will I be able to let you know more.

Chateau Royale of the Templar’s falls on the main penta line just south of the golden section point that divides the arm.

The central vortex sits in what appears to be an amphitheatre of hills and a low point …like many of the other grids.

Some other interesting points about Collioure are the mermaid legends locally that refuse to go away and that the area has been a magnet for artist …many famous ones have been and gone. New ones arrive to capture the special light /colours here.

Colour / Collioure ?

Could it also be that the energy of the area allows a greater creative focus …in other words it’s easier to connect here with Source than say….. a western city shopping Mall ?

More as it is shown to me…Google Earth Graphics to follow and a full on site survey / report in 2014, if not before.





Dare you wear awearness?

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