Southwell Minster


Southwell Minster is well worth a visit… a considerable structure with intricate architectural detail built into its design…worthy of cathedral status….even the Green Man makes a showing…that’s pagan isn’t it Vicar? ;-)

Being only a short distance from my home in Lincolnshire I decided to slide the 5.151 acetates over the area and see what popped up....I was unaware of any possible Templar connections to the Minster or the local area at this point.

The Minster is the obvious first place to try as a centre…I was not to be disappointed….immediately bringing in the churches of ROLLESTON, FISKERTON and EDINGLEY on the 5.151 circumference with also a major hill of note…MICKLEBARROW HILL.

That’s a nice confirmation, in the usual ‘serendipitous spirit way’ of working things…but there was more…I toyed with the idea of not mentioning the following in the article but now feel it should be noted so as to continue the main underlying message and thesis of the Templar Mechanics study…That being:

Everything is connected to everything else, people, places and events are linked across time and there is no such thing as coincidence only the illusion of it being so….this realization can bring magic to your door and stir the most stubborn, closed and ignorant minds …in effect ‘shoe horning’ them into a …’what if’.. neutral space of possibility, instead of the‘everything is’…this or that…there is no mystery or magic …just facts and consumerism . My revelation may seem to some a macabre thought…but only if death is looked at from an ignorant viewpoint, from the inbuilt ego belief of the finality of life in death.

To the spiritually aware physical death is rebirth on another level…so nothing to get morbid or depressed about…It’s all such a hoot really ;-)

In 1991 a very good friend of mine was killed in a motorcycle accident at Kirklington near Southwell… very upsetting at the time for all involved.

If you have been reading TM in 2012 you may have come across the Dunwich articles and the very odd serendipitous events and connections that unfolded with studying that system…… Two Blythburghs, two black dog legends, two Knights Templar sites…and two sisters …one of which has been my partner for the last 15 months.

My partner, Jackie, lives in Nottingham. With Southwell being very near she joined me on the grid research of Southwell…more coincidence as she used to date my friend who was involved in the motorcycle accident in 1991!

As I slid the 5.151 acetate copy over the Minster the circle passed exactly through the scene of the accident…Was my friend giving me confirmation of my work from the past or projecting a nod into the future..... …’Coincidence’ must come to the front of the stage once again to take another bow.

As it turned out there were also some Templar connections to churches involved in the geometry as well as a large stained glass window at the east end of the minster made up of Flemish glass from the Templar Preceptory in Paris!

Winkburn church turned out to be another gem…Given to the Knights Hospitallers in mid twelfth century….dedicated to St John of Jerusalem, one of only 4 in England…..Temple church ,London and the round church at Cambridge being two of them…The KH order held the land around Winkburn until the dissolution. ..Winkburn church sits at the meeting of a blue 51.51 pyramid line and a green hex line

Many Thanks to Mave for her info on the Templar window at the Minster as well as her info on Mickelbarrow Hill…which sits on the same 5.151 circle…incredibly Mave’s partner lost a friend in a motorcycle accident at Mickelbarrow hill….Two couples, two motorcycle accidents, two deaths, two friends, two hills………all connected by one circle….without the magic of geomancy it would all have passed unnoticed.

Life is a mystery, wrapped in a riddle…. inside an enigma.

Enjoy the Southwell Minster articles.

Best to All




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