Blythburgh Church

Blythburgh Church, Holy trinity…Central Area of Penta.

Sits in the valley of the river Blyth, …..The surrounding area including Halesworth seems to attract a lot of crafty / artistic types. Interestingly this is also the case with other inner Penta grid areas such as Navenby and Tetford.

Blythburgh appears to have a long history from Neolithic settlements as well as evidence of Roman and Anglo Saxon occupation.

At the time of the Norman Conquest Blythburgh was part of the royal estate. It was also one of Suffolk’s 12 market towns…The church being particularly rich ….worth ten times the average for Suffolk, one of the wealthiest in England.

Some of the artists associated with the Blythburgh area are listed below:

Ernest Crofts 1847- 1911
Seymour Lucas 1849 –1923
Harry Becker 1865-1928


Do the energies within a sacred site attract certain types of people? …Is it because the energies of these areas facilitate the intuitional unfolding creative process?…and as such pull in people of that genre.

If this is the case then responsible management of sacred sites with regard to what is put/erected/placed within them should be carefully considered!

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Blythburgh information booklet is available in Blythburgh church and comes highly recommended.



Dare you wear awearness?



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