Maltby 5.15 Geometry


Maltby was a revelation…an absolute gem to discover…here we have….

Two interlocked pentacles, four circles, one rectangle, two squares, two rhombus sections…..there are others but these are the main geometric patterns.The Maltby complex is a perfect mirrored system……one half is the mirror of the other.

Maltby ,site of the Templar preceptory lies on the circumference of the SE circle, and once again is home to natural springs and known as Maltby springs.

The adjoining SW circle has Benniworth springs at the end of the Rhombus point, this site was dowsed by myself and Jackie Queally during her visit down from Roslin Scotland to the Lincoln area and was found to be very active.

Another very active area was Biscaythorpe church, sitting at the vesica entrance and on the line NE/SW to the Temple Bruer vesica, this line goes through the centre of both vesica’s exactly. It also lies on two main pentacle legs and is near the origin of the river Bain. It’s a very ornate church from the outside with many carvings, a fitting structure to mark the importance of the position it holds within the geometry…an exciting find….and well worth a visit to see for yourself.

Kelstern church and Burgh on Bain church were also great guides to discovering the geometry sitting exactly at the same points of the north pentacle legs on either side.

The ancient settlements positions are placed at noticeable points within the layout also.

1. East Wykeham lies on the shoulder line of the North pentacle.
2. Biscaythorpe at the vesica junction.
3. South Cadeby at the meeting of two circles and on the main axis of both pentacles.
4. Withcall church, and Withcall village also on the main axis of both pentacles. 5. Maltby lies on the NE circles circumference.
6. North Ormsby settlement and site of ancient priory lies on the rhombus line.
The following churches all sit on the edge of circles involved in the geometry.

Market Stainton, Hainton, Biscaythorpe, Fotherby, Donington on Bain .

The following churches all sit on an axis line involved in the geometry:

Withcall, Biscaythorpe, Gayton le wold, Donington on Bain


As the A16 moves towards the SE circle its two in roads follow the edge of the circle one towards and through Maltby, the other towards and through South Elkington….other road patterns can be seen interacting with the main geometry if you look closer.

The Viking way footpath comes into the geometry and enter the north pentacle at the shoulder junction point after following /running parallel with the top pentacle point for some distance. After manoeuvring around East Wykeham it follows the line of first one circle until it meets centre axis, then deviates onto the other circle to follow the curve around all the way to Biscaythorpe……The route is very distinct and can be seen by the yellow dotted line… then continues South making a slight deviation around the cross over point with the south rhombus line.


Two main axis align with the Tetford complex one hitting it perfectly on the tangent the other going directly to the Tetford centre…….both these lines are then at a perfect 90 degrees to the Temple Bruer /Maltby vesica axis .

The above is based on a circle diameter of 5.15 miles ….10,000 megalithic yards. Drawn on the OS 1:25000 and 1:50000 maps.



Dare you wear awearness?

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