TM Dunwich Expedition

TM Dunwich Expedition…Cosmic Winks and Nudges

Our trip down to Dunwich came a couple of weeks after discovering the grid. Knowing the serendipitous magic that now seems to accompany us on these adventures, I was keen to get going.

Like most of April 2012 the forecast was not good, but a chance for us to stay at my partners sisters house at Walpole( next to the church ) before their move to Bulgaria could not be missed…So off we trundled…hoping for the best with regard to the weather.

. On entering the grid zone the sky cleared and sun blasted through…Not the first time that has happened !

First stop was the church at Spexhall to be followed by the next two of Wissett and Chediston…On this outer circle 5 churches are situated all the same distance from the Halesworth Center ..the others being Thorington and Walpole.

Nothing exceptional here apart from two of the churches having round towers, an apparent rarity .

Green Man made an appearance on the font of one of these…..Pagan symbol in a church ?......What’s that doing there vicar ;-)

Halesworth Center and another ring of churches…… Halesworth, Holton and the ancient church ruin near Mells Hill.

Halesworth church

Ancient church.

Next stop the center itself , just like many of the other grids a pathway ( ancient ?) had survived the ravages of time and the developers to the center…It was laid out before us, inviting us in .Center is marked by the meeting of two water features the river Blyth and a small stream sourced from what appears to be Walpole /Heveningham hall area.

Onto the star attraction in the area Blythburgh church….known as the cathedral of the Marshes….I knew a wink and a nudge would be waiting from the cosmic mind…and it was .

On entering Blythburgh their was a standing information board called ‘Angels and Pinnacles’

The illustration showed various drawings of local church alignments….One of which was incredibly similar to the TM Dunwich East penta arm alignments….here are the two images for comparison:

What are the odds on finding that in any church, yet alone the church near the center of the TM penta ?...wink number 1.

The meeting of 6 tracks at the crossing of penta lines was also intriguing.

Onto Dunwich and the only remaining standing church not lost to the sea……Sat on the line connecting back to Halesworth center, via the 6 trackway junction.

Whilst working on the Dunwich grid the penta only worked if the Dunwich Penta arm point was to the west of the current village …..in other words in the sea!

This all made sense once there…I knew the original town would be located at the penta arm, and it was, the Templar church also being situated in the ‘lost area’ within the pent arm point….wink number 2.

The lost Black Friars is even nearer the penta arm point.

Back at Walpole for refreshments and the conversation turned towards the grid, the graphic of which I had framed and presented to the owners Linda and Andrew as a gift for letting us stay. We discussed the associations we had experienced in the Blythburgh area.... Linda then asked if I knew Terry Welbourn from Lincolnshire !

Terry had contacted me a couple of years back when his excellent website … ‘Sons of TC Lethbridge’ ran a feature on Templar Mechanics….. “What a coincidence” I said.

Linda then explained that Terry had been to see her the previous week as he was researching Black Dog legends and the Blythburgh area….. “What a coincidence” I said

As it turns out Terry went to art school with Linda….My partner’s sister….What are the odds ?.....Wink number 3.

I now have to get in touch with Terry and see what else the Universe has install for us both regarding Blythburgh. People, places …. Events and times…. all entwined, within the cosmic mind.



Dare you wear awearness?



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