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Westminster Penta Coincidental Mechanics

Coincidental Mechanics or Inherent Design ?

It has to be noted the uncanny resonant design of the many circles and geometric shapes within the structures held within the Westminster Pentacle and how these shapes are in tune with the overall underlying dynamics.....It really is something.

The inner sanctum area is very revealing showing the House of Commons, Big Ben, 10 Downing Street, Treasury, Foreign Office, High Court, Palace of Whitehall,Westminster Abbey all flowing with the Penta Mechanics. The circle within the Treasury sees the line going right through the centre.

At the entrance to the Mall we find Admiralty Arch, a crescent shaped building split down the centre by the Penta line heading in to Buckingham Palace.

Guards square has lines coming in clipping the 3 corners where footpaths end.

Buckingham Palace and the Mall alignment add to the intrigue....All wrapped up with sunrise and sunset alignments on the pagan dates. Even the Buckingham Palace grounds look to be encasing the arm leading into it. The circular courtyard in front of the Palace is crossed at significant points by the Penta lines leading from the Palace.

The main Penta arm going into Buckingham Palace enters into the balcony area where the Royal family acknowledge the public on special occasions.

Just out of interest I looked for the perfect sunrise along the Mall from Buckingham Palace, when the Sun would first crack the horizon....Turns out its May 15th ....5/15....Buckingham Palace is also situated at 51.30 degrees latitude.....51.5 as decimal value

People have differing opinions as to the magic moment of the sunrise or sunset.

With Bloxholm it appears to be when the sun first cracks the horizon on the Equinox axis leading into the seated figure and when the tip of the Sun nudges the horizon before sinking at the sunset along the same axis 180 degrees in opposition.

Others believe it is when the Sun first leaves the horizon in its totality or just before it sinks....or when the Sun is first visible or the very last sight of it in the evening.



Dare you wear awearness?



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