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Temple Hirst 5.15

Coming out of the Bloxholm research I was ready for a new Templar site investigation.....Temple Hirst had been sloshing around in my subconscious for a while then I came across a few people that had ties to the area...so decided to follow it up and start a study.

Temple Hirst Manor had familiar values coming up in its ‘coordinates signature’...having been intoxicated with the numbers 345 in the Bloxholm study both in layout, grid references and equinox sunrise and sunset times...I was intrigued to find them again coming up at Temple Hirst......along with the familiar 1 and 5 values associated with the Templar Mechanics grids to date.

Temple Hirst coordinates...Temple Manor:

53.43’16.79 N....................................534
1 05’50.18........................................1551

Situated in North Yorkshire, England at what could be described as the ‘run in’ to the Humber estuary.

Temple Hirst and the surrounding area would have been of major strategic importance long before the Templars arrived there and long after… The many castles locally, albeit remains, would back this idea up. Once again the Templar choice of positioning looks to be well thought out.

Apart from the obvious strategic advantage…could the choice for siting Temple Hirst have had any other considerations?...relating to grand design in the unseen.?

At first glance on the OS 1:50000 map numerous features can be seen that are replicated within the grid…We have 3 power stations, 3 sets of Castle remains and 3 rivers weaving through the area…would these fall in with the geometry?

Sliding the 5.151 clear acetates over the area showed no obvious circle such has been found at the other Templar sites……I could see Selby Abbey standing out and also York Minster to the North….York Minster would be connected into Selby Abbey for sure…This left Hirst out on a limb to the South.

I was intrigued by Escrick Park to the North of Selby and noticed a temple had been placed in the grounds away from the main house with a long footpath down to it….No matter where else I looked on the map I kept going back to the Temple in Escrick park.

I aligned the Temple through to Selby abbey and noticed if the line was extended it went through to Temple Hirst, and in particular through Temple manor, the exact location of the Templar preceptor/settlement. It also went through Hensall church just to the south of Hirst and a smaller church at Selby .

A lady researcher, who also works with grid patterns and lines, contacted me who already had close personal ties to the area.

Knowing I could not ignore the unfolding flow of discovery I pencilled this Escrick park Temple - Selby Abbey - Temple line as a possible main axis line….York minster should now have some familiar geometric relationship to this axis.

From the Temple Hirst - Selby – Escrick temple axis to York Minster measured exactly 18 degrees , half the pentagonal 36 degrees suggesting a main pentacle leg or arm could be feeding into Selby .The developing Selby /Hirst system would then sit like Bruers six pointed star on the end of a much larger penta arm coming in from York Minster.

The potential of the York Minster Penta needs to be explored further…for the moment I am noting the possibility of it being there.

Siting the compass point on Selby Abbey I extended the arm out to Escrick Park Temple and drew in the circle…..This missed Hirst to the South but had other churches coming in on the green circle line, and a castle.

I then reset the compass on Selby Abbey and extended out to the exact position at Hirst where the Templars had their main manor….and drew in the second green circle line. It was then I noticed the familiar geometry unravelling.

The distance between the two circles showed the holistic Earth / Moon ratios…so prevalent in the other systems and the holistic ratio for the two circles only worked if centred on Selby Abbey. I could now draw in the 51.51 GP pyramids that give the holistic ratio when worked off the two main axis.

Sacred Earth / Moon ratio’s and the 51.51 pyramid.

Key :

A - C Earth Diameter
B - C Earth Radius
C - E Moon Diameter
C-D Moon Radius
F- G - H – 345 Triangle

The rest of the geometry then unfolded through association building in layers... In total 27 churches underpin the underlying pattern along with 3 castles and 3 priories.

All told this is what is present:

Flower of life – Green
Hex star- Green
51.51 pyramids ( holistic ratio ) – Blue
Large regular pentacle related to outer circle –Orange
Smaller regular Inner pentacle related to inner circle –Orange/black
8 pointed star – Black
Hexagon – Green
Square – Purple
Circles - Green

Incidentally the square was the last to form, and touch 4 points of the 8 pointed star at the 51.51 pyramid convergence points ….The square measures 5.151 miles on each side !

Churches/Places of Worship involved in the Temple Hirst grid:

North Duffield
Temple Hirst
Chapel Haddlesey
Selby x 6

Castle remains:





River Ouse flows well with the geometry…picking up on different aspects/lines of the geometry as it flows through the grid passing through the centre at Selby leaving the grid via the end of an inner pentacle leg.

The River Aire seems to get quite erratic as it goes through Temple Hirst section…. zigging and zagging.

Temple Hirst Manor sits at the end of a flower of life petal, Inner circle penta arm point, at the merging of two pyramid lines and is also situated on the holistic inner circle as is the Temple Hirst church just to the East.

Worth studying the pattern until you recognise all the shapes mentioned above only then can you see how complimentary it all is.


Now... Something that is truly exceptional and unique to the Hirst Grid must be added.

As mentioned above a fellow researcher has sent a graphic detailing a discovery that expands the whole ethos of Templar Mechanics skyward.

Below you will see a graphic depicting the star group Cygnus alongside a Google Earth image marking sacred sites including....Faxfleet, York, Temple Hirst, Selby Abbey, Temple Newsam, Doncaster Minster and Welbeck Abbey...These may also have Templar connections, further investigation will reveal more I’m sure. I am yet to visit all the sites involved in this grid.

York Minster would represent the star ‘daneb’ and Welbeck Abbey the star ‘Albireo’

Coincidentally the symbol for Selby Abbey is 3 swans. Maybe this relates also to the 3 main rivers that flow through the grid

By connecting important sites locally at least 5 of which have known Templar links a celestial sky to ground image can be seen relating to the Cygnus constellation.

This is not the first time a sky /ground image has been discovered…the Marian cathedrals of France show the Virgo constellation mirrored on the ground by their positioning…In fact a book by Greg Rigby …… ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’ details this discovery.

The Templar involvement / influence with the construction of French cathedrals has been well documented.

Other examples are the Orion depiction on the ground near Edinburgh involving Templar sites and Isles discovered by Jeff Nisbett.....mythomorph.com

Torphicen preceptory even falls at the exact position for Sirius…..More about Jeff’s great site and his discovery can be found at the cut and paste link below.


The most infamous sky ground correlation can be found in the book ‘The Orion Mystery’ by Adrian Gilbert . The book details the mirroring of the pyramids of Giza with Orion’s belt stars .

Once again we are left with the power question, if we dare to ask it?…And not wince away because we can’t answer it.

…..Why ?



Dare you wear awearness?



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