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Recommended Titles

Civilization One - The World Is Not As You Thought It Was - Christopher Knight and Alan Butler

Thoth Architect of the Universe - Ralph Ellis

Mayan Code Barbara Hand Clow.

Hamlet's Mill - Santillana G. de, Dechund H. von.

Heavens Mirror - Hancock G., Faiia S.

Megalithic Lunar Observatories - Prof. A. Thom

Hall of the Gods Nigel Appleby

Island Of The Setting sun Anthony Murphy / Richard Moore

Megalithic Measures and Rhythms Anne Macaulay

Key To The Sacred Pattern Henry Lincoln

Sacred Sites Of The Knights Templar John Young

Templars Secret Island Henry Lincoln / Erling Haagensen

Viking Serpent . Harald Boehlke

Voyagers I Ashayana Deane

Voyagers II Ashayana Deane

Dimensions of Paradise John Michell

The New View Over Atlantis John Michell

Secrets Of The Great Pyramid - Peter Tompkins, Appendix by L.C. Stecchini

The Atlantis Blueprint - Flem-Ath R., Wilson C.

The Avalonian Quest - Geoffrey Ashe

The Bridge To Infinity - Bruce Cathie

The Crystal Sun - Robert Temple

The Energy Grid - Bruce Cathie

The Harmonic Conquest Of Space - Bruce Cathie

The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail - Baigent M, Lincoln H. Leigh R.

The Holy Place - Henry Lincoln

The Messianic Legacy - Baigent M., Lincoln H., Leigh R.

The Principles And Practice Of Sacred Geometry - Robert Lawlor.

The Temple at Jerusalem a Revelation - John Michell

How The World Is Made John Michell

Places Of Power Paul Devereux

Earth Memory Paul Devereux

Uriel's Machine - Lomas R., Knight C.

Earth Divination and Earth Magic John Michael Greer

Genisis David Wood

Target Earth David Wood

Who Built The Moon - Christopher Knight

On Earth As It Is In Heaven Greg Rigby

Tomb of God Richard Andrews

Alchemy and Mysticism Alexander Roob

Holographic Universe Michael Talbot

Rennes Le Chateau , The Key Elizabeth Van Buren

Pythagoras, His Life And Teachings Christopher Reidweg

Lost Treasure Of King John Richard Waters

Sacred Treasure Secret Power Guy Patton and Robin Mackness

DMT Spirit Molecule Rick Strassman

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