Temple Bruer

Ermine Street Sign

An amusing find, worth a mention.

Interesting manifestation on Ermine street. A sign has been erected on a section of the old roman road that runs across Temple Bruer.

Notice any familiar geometric shapes that have manifested with the signs design for Temple Bruer?

The Temple Bruer geometry is based around a circle with six major points on the circles circumference joined up by local church alignments creating a six pointed star….the TM logo is a circle within a triangle…the manifesting geometry within the signs design shows both.

Nothing to do with me….must be one of those ‘coincidence things.’ Having had this ‘manifestation magic’ at other sites it seems to go with the grid study.

Royston system had a lane at the end of a pentacle arm called ‘angle end lane’…..the estate agent next to the Templar cave was called TM estate agents.

Serendipity….Don’t you just love it!




Dare you wear awearness?



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