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Earth , Moon and Pythagoras

Its now time to ask:

What’s so special about the 345 triangle?

Apart from the infamous Pythagorean associations, the 345 triangle holds other mysteries that again connect back to Egypt and the ancient mystery school teachings .

Many have delved into the geometrics of the Great Pyramid of Giza and discovered astronomical information encoded within its design relating to distances and proportions…as well as detail that can’t be explained through or by orthodox academia.

I feel for the rigid thinkers tied to a discipline. There is not much room for manoeuvre and new revelations must always sit well with established theories that have gone before..or you risk being labelled a ‘pyram – idiot’.

Of course if the old theories are found lacking then any new theories will not sit well on top of the old ones even if the new theories can dismantle what has gone before.

A wall of differing opinion then tends to build up on the old theories until the established dam is breached and a new belief is allowed to come through and manifest. …..In the meantime any new reality shaking, paradigm busting ideas must sit behind the dam wall waiting until others wake up and can see the flaw in the established thinking of the time.

I once came across a great quote by Schopenhauer:

“All truth goes through three stages…..“First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed and third it is accepted as being self evident.”

In other words the people that mock ‘alternative thinking’ often suddenly agree once it becomes popular to do so.

The Great pyramid defies rational thinking in lots of ways. The orthodox historians conveniently sweep under the carpet anything they can’t explain or anything that threatens to upset the view of the time….which their wage packet is ultimately tied to.

This is a real shame because a proper open study of the Great pyramid could bring us a lot closer to the truth held by our human ancestors about the mysteries of the universe and our place in it.

Here’s a great link with some reality shaking detail regarding The Great Pyramid of Giza…..A visit to the link will make what I am about to put forward with the Bloxholm story a lot more palatable .

The Great Pyramid is the most remarkable building in existence on the planet.


If you’ve read the details at the link it would be fair to say the GP does not look like a random structure but one which shows great thought, design and planning in its construction with meticulous attention to detail especially regarding distance, measure and proportion which all together seem to be complimentary to the whole design.

Why ?....The power question again….Why was it important to be so particular with the mathematics involved in its construction?

Could it be by using certain mathematical codes within the construction enhanced/facilitated its use….or maybe by encoding the math in its design it became a repository of knowledge that was both immoveable and indestructible…a message for all to the people that were to come after its manifestation…. …a message for our time maybe ?....An immoveable structure such as the GP would always create and assure a curiosity for all that came after it…It begs to be studied in depth.

To start with it has always perplexed many as to the angles used in the Great Pyramid’s construction .

Although the casing stones are missing and erosion has taken its toll it is agreed by many researchers both orthodox and unorthodox that the original slope angle of the 4 sides was 51.51

There is a reason for this as I will explain.

In the late sixties a maverick type character came out of Eton bringing new ideas regarding the bigger picture and the magic that surrounds us expressed through mathematics…that man was the late John Michell ….A Titan of the time and a mover and shaker of establishment goal posts. Over the following years he wrote several extraordinary books about the grand design held within nature and around sacred sites that could not be put down to chance, he found repeating mathematical detail …these repeating mathematical details , proportions and mechanics could be understood through the study of sacred geometry….which in turn led to the realisation of a Grand Design.

Like myself he discovered local magic encoded in places he came into contact with or was led to.

Here is a small section from the back cover of one of his books…. ‘Dimensions of Paradise’ ISBN 13 978 1 59477 198 9

‘ The priests of ancient Egypt preserved a geometrical canon, a numerical code of harmonies and proportions, that they applied to music, art, statecraft and all the institutions of their civilization. Plato an initiate in the Egyptian mysteries said it was the instrument by which the ancients maintained high, principled standards of civilization and culture over thousand years. In the dimensions of paradise, John Michell describes the results of a lifetimes research, demonstrating how the same numerical code underlies sacred structures from ancient times to the Christian era.”

John Michell in total wrote 25 books and all come highly recommended for anyone interested in the Templar Mechanics line of research.

I have brought John into the article as he is responsible for a great discovery regarding the 51.51 GP slope angle….and it is this :

If a circle is drawn to represent the Earth and we draw a line through the centre of the circle we end up with a base line the diameter of the circle .If from this base line we draw a 51.51 degree ( Great Pyramid ) triangle we see the lines merge outside the original circles circumference. If we then put our compass point back on the circle centre and extend out to the pyramid point outside the original circle and draw in the circle we will end up with two circles the space between which gives us the sacred proportions of the Earth radius (B-C) to the Moon radius (C-D)!

As exciting as that is there is more…..If we draw in the Moon as a smaller circle next to the Earth to illustrate this, other geometric magic unfolds.

From the top of the Moon circle to the top of the Earth circle creates a 345 triangle…F-G-H……..amazing isn’t it ?....Like something is having a laugh…and the human race is the butt end of the joke for not seeing it !….There is Grand Design…and we swim in a sea of mathematical magic.

Here is the graphic to illustrate the points mentioned above.


A - C Earth Diametre
B - C Earth Radius
C - E Moon Diameter
C-D Moon Radius
F- G - H – 345 Triangle

Now what has this got to do with the layout of Bloxholm in Lincolnshire ?

We know the 345 is rife in its expression throughout the hamlet.

….and we know the layout has been shown to be working with the Equinox alignment….is there any connection between the equinox line, which is the main East / West axis of the hamlet geometry, and the behaviour of the moon?

Yes, there is ……First due to another coincidence of celestial mechanics the moon rises and sets in the same position as the sun on the Equinox…. so as one drops below the horizon the other appears in direct opposition ……more coincidence within the grand design, of course this is no coincidence any more than the moon appears as the same size as the sun when viewed from Earth, and is a perfect fit on the eclipse.

So Bloxholm’s E/W equinox axis holds both the sunrise and moonrise position as well as the sunset / moonset position . As mentioned in the other articles this same E/W axis continues on to Temple Bruer merging with TB solstice line, marked by ancient tracks at the Cocked Hat ….where Ermine street arrives also. The road from Cocked hat that marks the equinox line back to the site of the Templar preceptory is called Temple Lane

The outer walled circle is proportional to the inner circle held within the larger circular walled area .The inner circle was the original bowling green….The wings running East and West from the circular wall to the house known as Hall Gardens gives us the relative proportions again …all you have to do is draw in the third circle.

When this is done it creates a second example of the sacred Earth / Moon proportions….Running the same 51.51 pyramids off the North South axis off both circles gives us 8 points where the GP triangles merge…..connecting these up gives us another 8 pointed star.



Dare you wear awearness?



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