Temple Bruer / Bloxholm

3,4,5 At First Sight

345 at First sight.

Google Earth today makes the impossible , possible… to a degree of accuracy unknown a few years ago .

Locking onto Bloxholm hamlet with Google Earth and seeing for the first time what the unseen above sees, and knowing its there…was a real buzz.

Now if there is anything to this we should see familiar numerical values popping up in the layout of the Hamlet, we should also see designs replicated within designs…structures should also have manifested around the geometry…especially the church.

Everything in geometry begins with the circle. There is one obvious circle in the layout of the hamlet and is situated towards the South Hall entrance.

Having worked at a house near the curved south wall of the hall grounds I wondered if the circular layout of the south Hall grounds was symbolic within the overall seated figure’s design.

Taking a measurement from the circles centre, POINT E, to the current entrance of Bloxholm Hall POINT A measured 666 ft. This was also a perfect North / South line. Looking at the outstretched legs of the seated figure I could see that if the circle centre to the Hall was one line it would represent 4 units …..The outstretched legs to POINT C 3 units and from there back up to the Hall POINT A, 5 units….. I ran the numbers to find the unit measure used.

666 divided by 4 = 166.5….As the main unit measure being used. As you will see the value has been given to us in both imperial and metric systems of measure .

So if the seated lady was laid out to mirror a 345 triangle, as in the Egyptian illustrations, the circle centre to the leg / knee should measure 499.5 ft (3 units)

….and it did

Connecting the knee POINT C to the head/ Hall POINT A would then be 5 units in length …. I now had my first perfect 345 triangle. The Hall grounds now showed a 345 triangle A- C- E with a North / South ….East / West axis line centred on the circle in the Hall grounds.

I knew there would be more….and felt that familiar poke in the ribs telling me to keep going.

At this point it’s worth noting the angles involved in a 345 triangle….they are 53.13….90…and 36.87.

I extended the N/S and E/W axis lines to see if they hit any other notable landscape points….the East line hit a 90 degree bend in the road POINT H which also had another older track merging from the south, an old Roman road……..I drew in this line and checked the angle back to the hall from this East point….33 degrees …..It was then I noticed a line at 90 degrees could be taken from this line, POINT B and bring in the church on the line of another 345 triangle back to the circle centre. 345 B –A - E

So now we had two complimetary 345’s within the overall design of the Bloxholm hamlet…were there any more ?

Taking a line due south from Position B created another 345 B –G- E and also hit the Hexagonal Roundhouse , the most enigmatic building within the hamlet….which I knew would be involved….It also created another 345 E – B –L………Where the B- L line crossed the East / West axis another 345 E- G- L…not only that at point G we have 666ft to point H .....And also L – B 666ft……G – E 333 ft

Connecting POINT H to the hexagonal house POINT L followed the road line and also added a 2nd angle to POINT H ….20 .13 added to the 33 degrees meant POINT H held a corner angle of 53.13……one of the 345 angles.

It’s therefore possible there is another larger 345 working from POINT H still to be discovered.

Continuing the line from POINT H through the Hexagonal Round House saw the line meet the N / S axis line of the main South Hall approach 333ft from the circle centre giving a total value from South Hall gates POINT K to the existing Hall entrance POINT A of 999 ft.

Seated figures knee C to I 333 ft….D – I 333 Ft

Connecting C –I– K gives another 345 as does E- C – J…..and E-K-C…and C- I - E

With the axis line running due East/.West …I figured it would have an Equinox alignment through the circle centre and it did ……..continuing the East / West /Equinox line West takes it through Temple Farm at Temple Bruer where the Templar Preceptory was situated………Bruer is near enough to Bloxholm to have the same Equinox sunrise sunset times .

Equinox sunrise ….5.43 am

Equinox sunrise at Bloxholm circle centre on the March 21/22…5.43am…sunset 5.43 pm… 345 reversed…go further East or West and you wouldn’t get these numbers at sunrise and sunset on the Equinox.

Bloxholm is designed as a geometric Equinox Temple……. I dare any ‘rigid thinker’ to put their head above the parapet and offer an alternative explanation.

The sunrise time still stands at 5:43am at Temple Bruer , being only 3.33 miles West of Bloxholm…Start going a lot further East or West and the sunrise times change.

Bloxholm is therefore perfectly situated to have a 5:43am sunrise on the Equinox !.

This is a pointer to the unique significance the Bruer / Bloxholm geometric complex has in relation to numerology of the sun worship program and the 345 numeric values…In a mathematical program it can all be brought back to number….….This numeric sunrise time correlation with the geometry of Bloxholm although interesting did not surprise me as the Temple Bruer Winter solstice sunset time is 15.51 ..Numbers inherent in its own geometric mystery.

People will argue that I am using the 24 hr clock through choice.

My reply to that is….. It makes no odds…. My point with the TM web site is that there is an intelligence behind the whole reality construct…It therefore follows that it is behind everything …including the creation of the 12 and 24 hr clock….So such things as how we measure time would be controlled/created by it….As would the positioning of the time line …The Greenwich Meridian.

I’m sure its very frustrating for ‘rigid thinkers’ to hear this as it means I have a ‘get out of jail card’ …I can pin everything on the Architect,…. design ,creation and destiny…….Which unfortunately for the rigid thinkers may be the ultimate truth…if it is…it is…. I can’t help that.

[Please note the Equinox Bloxholm sunrise time of 5.43am is when the tip of the sun first breaks the horizon…At 5.43pm the evening Sun’s lower section just touches the horizon as it starts to fall. .This can be accurately determined using Google Earth.

Here’s the full Bloxholm graphic with labelled points A through to L with distance measures.


A – Hall
E – Circle centre
L – Hexagonal house
K – South Hall Entrance

345 Triangles

A - B- E
A – C -E
L –G -E
C –K -E
B - L-E
B –G -E
K –I -E
C –I -K

With the circle centre POINT E being the focal point of the geometry its fitting all the manifesting 345 triangles are connected into it with one point .


A – E 666FT
C - F 666FT
G -H 666FT
B –L 666FT
E- K 333 FT
D – J 333 FT
C- I 333 FT
E- G 333 FT

Now, as if that wasn’t enough we have more mystery and intrigue.

Seeing the importance of the numerology of Bloxholm I decided to crank up Google Earth again and run the numbers from the Bloxholm circle to known points within the Bruer Geometrics….the main ones being the Bruer church (vortex) situated at the penta base leg, the seal points and of course the Temple Farm complex holding the remains of the Templar Preceptory. ….this is how the numbers came out.

From Bloxholm circle

BLX CIRCLE – CATLEY PRIORY……………………………………….3.33 MILES
BLX CIRCLE - Dashwood Dunston Pillar……………………………… 6.18 Miles

618 Hold the golden mean numbers…it is also numerically a doubling of 3,5,4….leading to a final numeric value…….10 becomes 1 if taken to its final fadic value.

3 x 2 = 6
5 x 2 = 10
4 x 2 = 8

I have listed Catley Priory as it is also on the circumference of the circle with a radius measure of 3.33 miles from Bloxholm making the total Bloxholm circle 6.66 miles in diameter.

Haverholm Priory – Temple Bruer preceptory ……………………………..6.66 Miles

I’m sure you have noticed by now these numbers are used extensively as the imperial measurements for the layout of the Bloxholm seated lady……..quite incredible.

So what’s behind it? What does it all mean?….Who designed it?.....Questions fired at me regularly from all sides.

That of course is for you, and you alone to decide…….If nothing else the geometry seems to be hinting at an organising intelligence at work in the unseen….and is using the language of mathematics to express itself …a universal language .

If you find that hard to digest then the alternative is that it was all planned and laid out by man, over several generations across different families up to the present day….including angle and position of road junctions and merging points of tracks including roman roads….umm

Personally I think both are true to a point……Ultimately though if an overseeing Architect of creation exists it follows man is part of that creation ...and not separate from its influence…whether people from the past involved with Bloxholm were aware of that or not is irrelevant



Dare you wear awearness?



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