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Let the Mystery Begin

Let the Mystery Begin.

2002, It’s the spring Equinox and I collect the keys to 5 Thompsons cottage at Temple Bruer. 4 years later I collect the keys to 3 The Row Bloxholm completely unaware the two houses are connected on the same line of the now established Bruer seal geometry. Since then I have been working within the village and know most of the villagers who are all delightful and earned their place to live in a high resonating area such as Bloxholm.

Now the 345 layout encoded in the hamlet has come into view I can see how the places I worked on are intricately involved in the 345 dynamics. This would suggest some sort of exchange is taking place between the person and the place / points involved….Bloxholm is an interactive experience…Once you come on line to its resonating wave length...as is Temple Bruer.

This is something I concur with and believe people and places are linked, past, present and future which are all interconnected. I also believe we give and take something to…. and away from everywhere we go, live and visit…..Once again fate, destiny regarding where we live, and have lived has to be considered …..I have no doubt something is certainly orchestrating my places of residence .This raises issues of freewill and whether we have any…….. Are we all on auto pilot? Unaware we are flying a predestined path?

Once the 345 discoveries at Bloxholm were made along with the Equinox connection and the painting decoded, all the other information came right on cue and only now am I in a position to make some sense of it all and put something together.


Many thanks to Harald Boehlke …His excellent book ‘ The Viking Serpent ‘ has been used as a reference for the Gematria values below relating to religious Icons . Harald’s book details his own Landscape geometry discoveries in Norway, culminating in another extended pentacle . If you are interested in the Templar Mechanics study you will love Harald’s book that has more details on the 345 trinity / triangle and also has repeating numerical values within his geometry that also appear at Bloxholm.

Viking Serpent ….ISBN 141209755

Also a special thank you to a character called ‘Baast’ from Italy, I was unable to track ‘Baast’ down for comments about his 345 research . I have used some of his discoveries in this article which I tied in with my own research.

The serendipitous repeating numeric values and sacred geometry shown in the Bloxholm geometry could never be explained rationally……..Is it the work of a greater intelligence working through the language of mathematics that exists in the unseen?

Best unbuckle your seat belt Dorothy ‘cause Kansas is going bye-bye .

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