Exploring The Grid

Having be made aware of numerical serendipity while walking the other TM grids …..I am now more attuned and alert as to what to look for and how to proceed on entering one.

From the initial ‘ buzz’ of the first sight of Dinas Bran to the number of our hotel room I knew all was unfolding in a magical way.

The hotel was booked without knowing the location trusting on gut feeling that its placement would reveal something else at work pulling the strings from behind the curtain. …Why spoil the surprise, let the revelation unfold!

As it turned out our hotel was right next to the main axis…..I also made a prediction on the room number before checking in at the hotel. I suspected it would be based around numbers 1 and 5….15 or 51, with a fadic value of 6……it actually turned out to be 105….fadic 6.

One of the first points of note and one nearest to the hotel was the waterfall which fell on the main axis.

The OS map had placed it on the South side of the road……wandering around the hillside showed no Waterfall although a channel could be seen running off the hill into the river Dee………Checking the map later our fruitless diversion had taken us onto the main seal /penta line running between the seal point Berwyn Station and the ‘nest’ of Llangollen churches situated in the town. On the very last day as we were leaving I noticed an old map that had been fixed to the wall next to room 105. I looked more closely and noticed the map showed the small waterfalls position North of the road…so we got to it in the end……..Now, if the map hadn’t been on the wall we would have missed the point, that being that 105 was always going to be the room we were going to have.

On the Sunday we visited Dinas Bran ….we reached the base at 11:22 am….and got back to the car to see it was 1:11 pm . The day (20/9 2009 -11/11) was cloudy over Dinas Bran but the clouds parted and created a sun bubble which lasted for the time we were there…as we left the clouds enclosed again and the sun disappeared. Whenever we needed a car space someone was just pulling out. Even the Llangollen church visit was perfect, someone had just come to light up the ceiling as we entered. On the way back we stopped at the Thomas Telford Viaduct and sat next to an old couple who were finding amusement in watching the river barges make a hash of the turning feature….It turned out they were originally from our county of Lincolnshire and had been married for 40 years and that they first met near the Knights Templar site at Willoughton, in Lincolnshire, 20 miles North of Temple Bruer .

There is another explanation for all this serendipity which on the surface appears to be for the viewers benefit.

If I was meant to stay at room 105, then the wall map was put there knowing I would be, although the ‘map fixer’ would be oblivious to the fact at the time.

On the Royston grid while visiting Royston cave I came across an estate agent next to the cave entrance called TM estate agency!.......while visiting Dinas Bran I noticed a sign had been erected for local builders at the base of the hill …called AJ construction, my initials…The symbol on the board was a triangle in a circle with two letters below T and M……..Telephone and Mobile but comical all the same.

Royston Grid had a road at the tip of a pentacle arm called ‘ Angle End’. Another interesting manifestation at Llangollen was a pub situated at the meeting of two main pentacle /star lines…….the pub was called the Star Inn. When I journeyed up to Isle of Mull the coach driver I met used to live at Temple Bruer in Lincolnshire. When I made the initial pentacle discovery at Temple Bruer while living there …my house turned out to be situated at one of the six points of the seal, When I checked other houses I had renovated in previous years within the same area 3 were all on lines involved in the Bruer pentacle…I was interacting with something in the unseen…….I was also being shown something, something that had always been there…something now that was due to be revealed…The time was now.

While all this may seam a bit surreal and a dance in the ether…….what is behind it?

Looking into metaphysics and the nature of reality, using Quantum physics as our window, it appears nothing is actually solid as such and that most of what we believe to be solid is actually empty space. With Quantum mechanics it has also been noted that the observer has an influence on what it is observing and that to observe something passively is actually impossible. It could therefore be said that all experiments are biased and not neutral observations as the person doing the experiment will have an influence, although oblivious to that influence, as to how it unfolds, and the results / conclusion born from the experiment……..So where does that leave the scientific process?....If we cannot observe something passively ?

If consciousness has an effect on what it believes it is observing, could consciousness create what it wants or thinks it wants to observe?….If through observing the scientist has an influence on the outcome of the experiment then maybe we can influence our personal realities and what WHAT WE ARE OBSERVING .

I have noticed this with new dowsers. People see me dowsing and dismiss it as rubbish , they have already decided, without having a go. When they try the rods do not move…and they feel vindicated in their opinion…..But how much of their attitude shut them out from the possible experience ?

Others who approach the rods with an open mind, genuinely interested…..inquisitive that it might be possible often find they can do it….some have developed new hobbies from it.

Difference between the two is attitude and approach. I find it amusing that people who are very stuck in the 3d construct are terrified of anything new whether it is an experience or indisputable new information that will shatter their view they have created of the 3d reality paradigm.

In effect they have told themselves a story as to how things are and set it in reinforced concrete, surrounded by an electric fence….. Creating their own mind prison, erecting boundaries of thought.

Quantum Dream world .

This can all lead to another line of thought as to what, if anything we are seeing is real …and are we creating it all just for our own adventure….are we our own personal DREAM MASTER ?

The more enlightened aspects of the scientific community are eating humble pie, seeing the scientific past as a corpse and burying outdated beliefs in line with an incoming new level of awareness….. embracing the QUANTUM FIELD THEORY while leaving in its wake disgruntled , stuck in the mud academics. …..who would prefer things to stay as they are…mainly because their livelihoods depend on it.

The mechanical world of Newtonian physics is starting to appear as only one level of reality, a truth in its own right but not the be all and end all of the total reality construct we interact with. The reality revolution is coming through the idea that EVERYTHING IS INTERCONNECTED…. ....and that the universe works at the deepest/quantum level like an OCEAN rather than individual separate parts of the outdated Newtonian model.

This idea is revolutionary in so many ways , not just in the scientific world…..If everything is, at its deepest level interconnected then you the reader are connected to me writing this article ………It also means that when one person points a gun at another person they are actually pointing it at themselves !

Can you imagine the effect this simple realisation could make on the world if we could COLLECTIVELY take it on board?…..Who would want to shoot themselves !! The ILLUSION of SEPARATION is behind all the dysfunctional behaviour in the world. …from GREED to WAR.

The revelation of Quantum mechanics is that at our deepest level we are all….ONE.

Personal Responsibility of the ONE.

It’s fascinating to ponder where TRUE personal responsibility might lie…..Hitler never shot anyone during the 2nd world war……But he asked for a lot of killing to be done by others on his behalf . Ultimately we can be the only one responsible for our actions, if someone tells you to do something …..you still have a choice as to whether you want to do it or not?....If that is you still have a mind of your own and have resisted a complete Lobotomy through mainstream media indoctrination….and the other dysfunctional 3d mantra of the paradigm that being ‘you should always do what you are told to do by your superiors’ whether you think it is right or wrong.

Hitler at one level was a teacher for mankind and showed us what can happen when we give our power, will and views of what’s right and wrong over to someone else to do with as they wish ….with frightening and devastating consequences.

Its very amusing to note how right and wrong can change from area to area…you can do this here it is legal, but not there it is illegal……….right and wrong has become what you are told it is rather than what you know in yourself it to be…..this is the SELL OUT of the ONE within.

Back to the Quantum mechanics point I was trying to make .

If we are affecting what we are seeing and experiencing as put forward with the Quantum theory then it is possible that I am manifesting these serendipitous oddities at the sites.

The Only thing I know for certain is that I have a point of observation within the whole. I am interacting with something although at a very limited level through the body/human ape suit which is picking up less than 5 % of what is going on around me through the 5 senses.

The knowing I have relating to these geometric patterns in the landscape are ‘downloaded’ into my intuitive inbox as I ‘hover’ over the map, the limited 5 senses take a back seat, ……..its a direct knowing, from source of something being so. The five senses become more involved once at the site, but even then only on a limited level…mostly I am fed direct instructions…go here, look at this, go there, stop here….talk to this person. Templar Mechanics is an intuitive based study working from beyond the 5 senses, the way it correlates in the physical serves only to back up the original intuitive download.

(Remember the quote from the opening page of Templar Mechanics regarding the human condition through the limited 5 senses –

“The bindfolded man in a dark room looking for a black hat that isn’t there” )

To know more you have to go beyond the 5 senses…and trust the source, that trust from a first knowing allows more to be handed to you…you set up a direct line with source / Architect.

Someone once commented …Don’t ASK just KNOW ! ….That’s a great quote….and an inspiration to moving into trusting our inner knowing.

Its hard for many to change though after years of sitting in a high chair being spoon fed ‘Rusks knowledge biscuits’, labelled – ‘The way things are’…Swallow whole, Take three times a day using the application device supplied- Television /mainstream media/.

Another way to strengthen the direct line /source connection is to move beyond caring what others think of your opinion …Start being YOU…Be who you came to be! This is incredibly liberating in lots of ways and gives you ample elbow room to say what you like. Why be bothered about the passion killers…Let them eat cake !

Who Really Exists ?

Because I can’t climb inside of you and know you have a point of observation I would have to take your word for it……..but not know it for sure as I can’t become you to find out.

So…….as a theory …It’s possible that this is entirely my own dream, as all I know for certain is I have a point of observation.

Likewise if you know that you have a point of observation, you don’t know I have a point of observation, you can only take my word for it….like I can yours….If you think I exist outside of your mind ?;-)

Therefore it could also be said that the only reason you are reading this is to let yourself know you are in your own dream and you have created myself and Templar Mechanics, the internet, and everything around you to relate that point back to yourself…everything then in what you see as the exterior world serves no other purpose than to remind you of what you are…a point of observation within the whole.

This is not far from some of the greatest spiritual teachings…that being the point of experience is to make the ‘dreamer’ aware of what they are at their core…Oneness ! ….by offering the opportunity through experience to make choices, to demonstrate how near you are to that core self, how near to home…. All experience can then be seen as a mirror held up to yourself….you then act to move nearer to or further from what you truly are.

There is an irony here in that if everything is interconnected then you have created all of it, as you are it………allowing the you the opportunity to journey back to source …..It could all be a personal illusion , one you are driving

This line of thought is one way of explaining the synchronicity in my personal reality when interacting with the various Grids around Knights Templar sites…..an interesting perspective I flirt with occasionally.

Maybe it is all just a dream. It’s great fun…. I know that, and I am meeting some very interesting people with great minds….Of course, maybe I just put them in my dream ;-).

Food for thought as Always……. Temporary truths, that last only until the next level AWARENESS arrives to create more temporary truths through revelation….trick is to keep moving/evolving .......trust the process back to full knowing …follow the signs, the winks and nudges…….don’t erect boundaries of thought …..Ultimately you swim within the universal ocean…with no defining end or border….on the journey back to your core self…beyond your name and your national insurance number …both of which were given to you by someone else.

What you truly are you were before you incarnated.

I’ll sign off with a quote from Morpheus –

“ Have you ever had a dream Neo you thought was so real?...What if you could not wake from that dream ….How would you know the real world from the dream world ?”

Enjoy some of the grid photos below taken on our visit to Llangollen.

The waterfall

Note the geometric 8 pointed wheel, Valle Crucis Abbey sits at a seal point

Eliseg’s Pillar……..situated on the circumference of the North circle along with Dinas Bran and Valle Crucis Abbey.

Local Information board

Dinas Bran, Seal point

Geraint Hill…….South seal point .



Dare you wear awearness?



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