Llangollen Introduction

First contact.

Llangollen was brought to my attention after receiving an e mail from Jay and Kim Atkinson who live in the area. They had seen what I had drawn for Karen Bishop from the ‘ What’s up on planet Earth’ web site, a great site where Karen shares her personal experience of the ever changing energies coming into the Earth through the etheric grid networks.

These energies work through and interact with the grids discovered at energy sites such as Temple Bruer and Llangollen.

Nothing happens by accident, there is no such thing as coincidence only the illusion of it being so. With this in mind I knew I was being pointed in the direction of Langollen with regard to the next grid discovery.

Repeating themes and the Myth enigma

I sent an e mail to Jay and Kim asking if there were any Bran or Bel signature sites locally in the landscape….and there was - Bran Dinas castle. Remember at Temple Bruer we have Branston, Brant Broughton and even a river Brant which touches the West pentacle arm.

Further investigation through some searches of Llangollen brought up stories of Templar graves in the area, and another story of a Koran found in the walls of the castle, myths relating to journeys into the Celtic Otherworld and Arthurian Grail stories.

Many also think this is the area being related to in the Grail saga.

While on the subject of the Grail its worth mentioning Templar Mechanics thoughts on the subject. The grail is something TM has steered clear of mainly because the legend /story has been retold and edited so many times its hard to know what, if any, truth lies within or what the original myth/legend may have been referring to . I do however believe through mathematics, art, myths and folklore important knowledge, which may have been heretical at the time, can be encoded and hidden in the work. Like wise an immoveable structure could also hold information if that was the motivation for building it from the start……….this is the case with The Great Pyramid. Of course there is always the argument about what is behind the motivation, we like to think our creation are all our idea …….but I think its more a case of a puppet / puppeteer arrangement.

It’s possible the Grail is an esoteric message …one understood through, for and by initiates.

Great pyramid and the mathematical perfection of the architect.

I am interested in the idea of the sword being drawn by Arthur from the stone at age 15 the reverse/mirror of 51…A number / value encoded in the Great Pyramid of Giza …..A number that as an angle can illustrate the marriage of hexagonal and pentagonal dynamics, in other words an alchemical marriage of the Pentacle 5 feminine and the Hexagonal 6 masculine aspects in a duality based mathematical reality framework.

To maximise energy production through opposition the architect created the opposites we see all around us in nature….This can be seen in a positive sense as being complimentary or balancing the equation…..in a negative sense…..leads to outright conflict. Either way its duality that is the dish of the day on the 3d material plane.

Through studying the greatest structure ever built, The Great Pyramid, mathematical codes relating to the behaviour of energy mechanics can be taken.

Once I had drawn the Langollen grid I noticed the six pointed seal at Langollen sits 1/3 of the way up the 51.51 degree triangle off the main grid base line …..Exactly at the Kings chamber position.

Llangollen has like the other earth energy grids GP 51.51 degree triangles which can deliver holistic proportions in line with the Grand Architects mathematical design inherent in the 3d reality framework. It’s no coincidence that the Great Pyramid is a monument to mathematical perfection, and has 51.51 degree slopes.

Situated in North Wales, Llangollen throws up some interesting myths and legends relating to the area through any Google search.

I have put a link to some of the better ones in a separate article within the Llangollen section off the Knights Templar tab……along with some tasters highlighting details to be found at the links.

An area such as Llangollen and the surrounding landscape is a real challenge to decode as there are so many natural features that would be seen as major points within other grids. This is due to the complimentary energy of the area and how it has affected the diverse manifestations of the surrounding landscape since its formation.

I have learnt through studying grid mechanics, with the help of William Buehler, (see links page ) the importance of major structures such as castles , abbeys and towers.

Energy Farm

On a personal level I have noticed a correlation with grid points where major human emotion and drama are deposited in abundance both past and present. With this in mind a modern amusement /theme park can hold as much relevance within a grid as a major castle did in the past. It’s interesting to note how many old castle sites manifest as centres today for rock festivals, theme parks or race tracks. What all these sites have in common is that they ground high levels of human emotion and drama into the energy grid points based around mathematical designs, designs found in nature itself and the cycles of the cosmos……the Architect’s grand design.

But Why ?

Any conversation or meeting between two people is essentially a meeting of energies…as Einstein pointed out everything in the universe is made up of vibrating energy, energy vibrating at different frequencies creating the form.

(There are some interesting links on the links page called CYMATICS, these links show how matter arranges itself in geometric forms relating to vibration. The experiments show sand being sprinkled onto a vibrating plate …..Once the frequency of the plate changes the sand arranges itself into the relative geometric pattern , this then suggests that form and frequency are related. If the form changes as the frequency increases then the grids may well morph in and out as well, its also possible certain points within a grid may change use in line with a higher incoming frequency, resulting in a grid point serving multiple uses……A barbaric castle, with a blood lust history becomes a theme park of joy and laughter …….ultimately though its still just different energies manifesting in abundance at points on the grid.)

What usually happens between human exchanges is very interesting. Less evolved souls tend to tussle for the energy…… resulting in the theft of one person’s energy to another. This is usually done through drama play of one sort or another ….poor me , playing aloof, being an interrogator or even an intimidator…. this results in winners and losers in the energy stakes game. Ultimately one person will feel empowered from the meeting and the other drained ……this is the energy moving from one to the other …theft through drama!

A wise soul can feel this happening and protect itself from being mugged of energy through drama play ……after all a wise, evolved soul knows there is an abundance of 5 star top grade, untainted energy available from source through meditation / connecting with nature…so why would they be interested in used, tainted and more than likely polluted energy of another.

My point here with all this is that if through spiritual ignorance we set out to steal energy from another ……is it possible something is taking it from us collectively?

Is this why centres of large scale human activity and high emotional drama come into line regularly with energy grid mechanics……Is it possible we are food for something else and that this 3d reality frame work is an energy farm ….and we are the cattle supplying the farmer with all its energy requirements through a mathematical grid network…what an idea to ponder!

You mean we are not top of the ultimate food chain after all ? ….Maybe we are as ignorant as the cows stepping into the dairy. Churches become human dairies through high and low emotional deposits brought about by funerals, weddings and christenings.

Is this the whole point of wars, disease and suffering on the planet…Is this why wars begin and end in line with astrological movements …how big does it get ?... also often numerical signatures are involved….WW1 armistice was signed at 11.11 on 11/11….recently I noticed the last survivor from the atrocious trench warfare passed over aged 111.

Monuments, towers and memorial pillars often refer or like to remind us of such events …in effect taking your thoughts back there…. taking the viewer into somber mood, sadness ….These structures often are at significant grid points and maybe milking points also, interestingly they often manifest at the meeting of two or more roads.

Personally I believe the energy grids to be two way doors, the grids both take energy and give energy through them, I also believe some to be multi dimensional portals where timelines can crossover and the past briefly comes into what we believe to be the present …..Ghosts and other apparitions are common around major energy points. If the veils between dimensions are thinner around these places then scrying and other etheric journeying would be easier, people knowledgeable of this would then search out the sites…Is this why Francis Dashwood and John Dee show up at points involved in the Temple Bruer geometry?

I recently had a very interesting experience at the Temple Bruer Vesica centre which is marked as a crossroads in the physical. I was briefly taken out of my body and then returned….its very easy to drift off at these sites. The sites are also self aware , the site knows if you know what is underlying …It can welcome you and everything goes right , or kick you out by making sure everything goes wrong…this is brought about by a basic law of the universe relating to resonance. We all end up ultimately attracted to places and people resonating with what we currently are, or what we are becoming ……….If there is a mismatch best pack your bags ….exit visas will be imminent….whether it be a place or personal relationship that has outstayed its welcome.

As alarming as the milking/farm scenario may appear I still believe it’s all part and parcel of the bigger picture and the grand adventure we have as souls /aspects of THE ONE. The grids facilitate energy both ways we both give and take energy through them, it may be the case we actually empower our reality construct through the emotional drama of our 3d lives. So as negative and alarming as it may originally sound it may be a case of – If there was no human energy farms to milk there would be no energy to manifest in the physical the playing field of material experience…….As the saying goes there is no such thing as a free lunch ….the Architect giveth and the Architect taketh awayeth ;-)

Your Truth

This is just my personal take on the situation at the moment which is only related to my current state of awareness which is ever changing….seeing through my own eyes the unique perspective I have been given………Your perspective is just as valid as mine or anyone else’s. You also have a point of observation to determine this reality in any way you wish….what you were taught / programmed at school to believe etc if that’s your choice. I challenge anyone to look with me into the heavens on a starry night and tell me where in all that is the rule book that states I have to see anything in a particular way. Ultimately there are no rules regarding perception, you see what your level of awareness allows you to see or what the universe thinks you can handle as a new but temporary truth . The true gift of life is your point of observation within the whole….never surrender that to anyone. See it all through your own eyes and hopefully share the uniqueness of your point of observation with others….without the need to push, persuade or demand that anyone agrees with you.

With all this in mind let’s now have a look at the Llangollen grid .



Dare you wear awearness?



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