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Navenby Henge


An archaeology firm called Pre - construct Archaeology recently discovered what could be the largest henge in Lincolnshire.

Geo physics have revealed a circular structure to the East of Navenby…and approximately 2 miles North of Temple Bruer.


The Navenby Archaeology group now has a permanent link on the links page of Templar Mechanics if anyone wants to monitor the progress of the henge discovery and any new developments.

Hearing about a possible henge within the North Bruer 5.15 mile circle was very interesting, so much so I just had to check its position within the established geometry.

Getting a fix on the henge centre was not a problem as it had already been recorded and mentioned in the excellent mini tours that were being run from the small information centre at the site.

The tours included the area just to the South of the henge which had been excavated to study the Roman remains.

Malcolm Smith was an excellent guide around the site showing finds from older pagan burials in the area of the dig and a brief outline of the area covered by the Henge circle.

Navenby Henge within the Temple Bruer Geometry

Initial thoughts

With regard to the established Bruer geometry the discovery of a possible henge has led to deeper insights into the geometric workings within the Bruer 5.15 penta dynamics.

The established Temple Bruer Geometry .

The position of the henge turned out to be very complimentary to the established geometry….and I have little doubt that the timing of the Henge’s re emergence is right on cue within a greater plan of geometric revelation regarding this very special area of South Lincolnshire.

Closer look at the Henges placement within the pentacle .

The first 3, 4, 5 triangle.

The first revelation was the henge’s position within the penta , everything seemed to be working on tangents with the henge neatly tucked into the corner of a 3,4, 5 Pythagorean triangle…created by the main axis of the penta running its length down the middle connecting the jousting site of the Knights Templar at Byards Leap to Harmston church at the top of the penta.

The second side of the 3, 4, 5 triangle is created by the main penta line of Westborough to Green Man (right arm of penta) and onto the Augustinian priory at Nocton…….and the third side of the 3, 4, 5 triangle by the holistic 51 degree triangle base line running through the centre of the Larger North 5.15 mile circle which returns back up to the church at Harmston/ Top of the penta from the pyramid corner located at Temple High Grange (Knights Templar)

New North circle

Putting the compass point on the proposed henge centre showed no correlation with the established geometry or local features.

Due to the tangent arrangement on the henge circumference I moved the compass point to where the main pyramid base line touched the henge circles circumference on its north side. Extending the point out to the first obvious feature of the main N/S axis to the west showed a good correlation with local features now coming in on the circumference, including convergence points of local tracks, roads and pathways, and the two churches of Boothby Graffoe and Wellingore. This meant these two churches were spaced the same equal distance from the new circle centre now established on the henge circumference. Going further round I noticed the circle line also went through the crossroads between Bruer and Wellingore which already marked the position of the vesica piscis centre created by the large 5.15 mile circles……. fittingly this was to be the centre of another south circle creating another smaller example of two circles in a vesica piscis arrangement. Interesting to note a crossroads has manifested in the physical at this point .

The pyramid line running through the centre point on the main axis meant the new small north circle also passed through the same focal centre point at Navenby.

New south circle

The position of the south circle centre, which is also a crossroads in the physical and centre of the larger vesica, was positioned so that this smaller south circles circumference also brushed the main North /South axis of the penta and brushed the pyramid baseline running through the small north circles centre...where does coincidence stop and grand design begin?

I then noticed a 90 degree angle between the point of the 3, 4, 5 triangle where the henge was ' tucked in' and the penta crotch point. This then linked the armpit of the penta figure with the crotch at ninety degrees….not only that but the where the ninety degree corner formed was the vesica centre itself of the larger established system which had also now become the centre of the new south circle. It was at this point that I realised the importance of the 'kink' in the road north of the vesica centre with regard to the overall developing geometric make up of the area.

Following the South circle round on its circumference we have further acknowledgments …….the circle passing through the centre of the North circle, brushing the pyramid base line again on the tangent, through the new vesica axis now formed at Wellingore and then through the crotch point of the penta from which the A607 reappears/exits after its journey through the penta. Continuing round the new south circle we see it brushing the Bruer seal /hex line that connects Metheringham church to Caythorpe church.

Caythorpe incidentally is another Knights Templar haunt.

Larger 3rd circle

The next step was to draw in the 3rd circle linking the penta centre with Temple Bruer church and the bottom leg of penta……..completing this showed a great crossover of the slightly larger 3rd circle with the small north circle on the pyramid base line again. This slightly larger 3rd circle is exactly half the radius of the established 5.15 circles…Bruer church being the centre of the larger 5.15 circle which has Welbourn church and Brauncewell church on its circumference.

The new 3rd circle brushed Navenby church and also went through a point on Gorse lane where two trackways cross.

Large stone mystery

Further investigation of this enigmatic point showed a large stone that had been incorporated into the dry stone walling……..a real oddball feature not seen elsewhere locally.

Why is it there? Was it just lying about in the vicinity so was utilised in the walls construction? Or maybe it was there before the wall was built and was left insitu....a few metres along and the wall resumes its normal construction and character that is synonymous with the heath enclosures.

This large stone is currently half buried and laid along its length, but that is not to say it once may have been upright.

Double Hex of the Small North circle

With all this geometry now in place and complimenting itself beautifully I looked deeper into the North circle feeling there would be more to discover in that henge area…..and there was….. all I had to do was connect the points to reveal a 12 pointed double hex touching the New North circles circumference on the 12 points….recognised by the usual manifestations in the physical…once again noting the layout of old roads and track ways become keys to entering the architects office to peruse its universal blueprints.

Anti clockwise round the North circle starting from the penta centre.

Position 1 - geometry / penta centre on main axis

Position 2 - Vesica entrance / Wellingore church

Position 3 – Pottergate junction

Position 4 – Vesica centre of main 5.15 mile circles also becomes:

• Ninety degree corner linking penta armpit and crotch point on main N/S axis

• Crossroads in the physical linking Temple Bruer to Wellingore and Ermine Street

• Main 5.15 Vesica axis crossing point

• Beginning of track / footpath leading to the Bruer seal point at Four Winds farm

• Exit point of Ermine Street from circle.

• Centre of New South circle

• Hex point / Point of 12 pointed star

Position 5 – Main penta leg linking Harmston church with Temple Bruer church and onto Cranwell church.

Position 6 – East merging vesica intersection of new North /south circles, note the dotted line showing trackway going towards the point before ending short in the middle of the field. This could have originally completed at the vesica opening.

Position 7 – merging of larger 3rd circle and the pyramid base line and centre of 5.15 main North circle.

Position 8 – Main penta arm linking Augustinian Priory at Nocton , Green man and Westborough church.

Position 9 – Ridge high point spot height marked as 71 on OS 1:25000 Scale map

Position 10 – Entrance point of Ermine Street into the circle.

Position 11 – Heath Ridge

Position 12 – Lower Heath ridge marking change in land topography (Grid mechanics affect the manifestation of land high /low points. The Bruer penta crotch/crossover lines are situated just as the land starts to rise before the steep slope into Wellingore.

Ermine street Exit and Enter points.

Incredible as it may sound the kink in the road just north of the vesica intersection at position 4 is by design. The kink allows Ermine street to enter and exit the 12 pointed seal at opposing points it also means, Ermine street passes through the new north circle’s centre..it also allows the 90 degree angle to form linking the penta crotch crossover to the penta armpit crossover…..it also means a direct straight line from the kink allows Ermine street to converge with the main penta axis at Byards Leap ….site of Jousting for the Knights Templar which in turn allows a straight line to be drawn from Byards leap through , Temple Bruer preceptory to Temple High grange……and manifest three templar sites all in a row, all in alignment….because of that precious little kink in the road on Ermine street just north of the Vesica centre the geometry works its magic.

Perfect grand design of intelligence in the unseen.

It’s interesting to note the similar phonetics linking the site to Avebury …..Ave bury is not unlike N ave nby key here is the ‘AVE’ section of the spelling. Ancients referred to Earth energy points as nAVEls of the earth…….within the penta figure Navenby sits at the Navel latitude…….and of course both Avebury and now possibly Navenby have a henge. Avebury also has a crossroads near its centre.

If you look at the new small north circle you will see a T junction …its actually a cross roads as the new road going onto the housing estate completes the cross, this is very near to the south side of the proposed henge circle.

A roman road, discovered by the excavations enters the same area just to the south, creating what would be a staggered crossroad junction. Now look at the small south circle centred on the vesica centre ….another crossroads in the centre!

The Mathematical design built into the landscape around Temple Bruer and the Navenby area affect many of the earthly manifestations from roads, trackways, position of churches and henges. The pathways weaving through the geometry may originally been walked in a particular sequence before entering the henge. I believe people were once far more aware of earth energies at certain points, even if they were unaware of the underlying geometry of the energy mechanics…..Eastenders and the media have a lot to answer for with regard to numbing our senses, creating home lobotomy kits through mass media indoctrination / hypnosis .

The geometry has been there since the land was formed, the rise and fall of the Heath running with the main penta dynamics North / South.

Landscape geometry is not tied to any period of history yet has influenced the timing of events and placing of physical manifestations across many time periods…..and will continue to do so…re emergence of a possible henge is just another chapter in timeless energy mechanics.

My intuitive hat can be thrown into the ring regarding the kink just north of the vesica centre. For me the road feature is part of the area dynamics.

The route was not changed by the Romans or anyone else…it manifested exactly as it was meant to in line with the geometry/mechanics of the landscape. The current road leading into the henge may have been the original entrance into the henge itself …..I’m sure future excavations will reveal more detail.

The henge area is fascinating and I find it interesting that even today it is a spot that people walk around and interact with for leisure purposes, curved paths cut with modern mowers before any henge revelation was made….The henge still has a use and is active today but now in a different way, resulting in different manifestations.

This is a great example of how grid mechanics work in the unseen changing use yet still in line with the timeless underlying geometry. The henge revelation has allowed me to discover more of Bruers geometric secrets in the landscape surrounding it……..which in turn has allowed me to pass it on to you through this article….all of this is meant to be….there is no such thing as coincidence only the illusion of it being so.

In a moment of serendipitous magic a day after completing the Henge geometry I received a package from Terry Welbourn originator of the excellent ‘Sons of TC Lethbridge’ web site, within was an article from the seventies detailing the discoveries of a man studying Wandlebury henge in Cambridgeshire. I had already come across the site in 08 while studying the Royston system.

The article showed a diagram of the internal ring geometry relating to pagan alignments….when I placed the diagram next to the revised bruer graphic I noticed many similarities ……..a 3, 4, 5 triangle and two smaller internal circles ….with a large extended point reaching out to the circles circumference . The arrangements of the same geometric shapes are different and all the geometry discovered at Wandlebury lie within the henge, but still within a circle all the same.

The Bruer system is far grander in that similar geometric dynamics are manifesting on a much larger scale within the 5.15 mile diameter North circle. Regardless of the size difference I still felt the geometric similarities were worth noting and placing in the article…..along with acknowledgement of serendipity in its grandest expression.



Dare you wear awearness?



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