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These grids are "schematics in consciousness" that reflect specific states of being, with energy systems that support the thought-forms. Since "Time"... linear and nonlinear... is an organization and sequencing of thought-forms, from "Mind", Time is dynamic so past and future is always being redefined. The mechanism that does this is usually called the "Flashing Universe." The grids are designed to manage all of this safely and at multi-levels. They are "Metatronic", Metatron being the highest archangel and the word relating to "in the midst of, among, between the cycling energy." Metatronic frequencies make our light-speed seem like cold tar. Universes that are at that level are far different than this one having very low frequencies, gravity, 2-strand DNA, disease, and evil.

The Metatronic science has 24 systems or "Breastplates"; The inner-core Templars and Masons were the last ones to know that science but it has again been reintroduced into the collective Gaia/Racial Mind/Soul and is no longer secret in view of the present Ascension... transition into a Metatronic reality. The science is applied in Ascension programs and this was the raison d'etre for the Templars and Masons. The core of the science used by them is named, in Hebrew, the "Reshel" or Chief Head-Stone of God. It is the "Head Stone that becomes the Corner" and it uses a 2-fold system of Time gates/pillars (Psalm 118:19-23). The original protosiniatic Hebrew alphabet contains the Reshel codes. The Office of the Christ is part of the Metatronic presence.

The Reshel grids were designed into Earth, Temple, and light-group formats. The Ark contains all 24 Metatronic systems and the Solomon Temple was designed to contain the Ark of the Covenant. This was a downgraded Ark so now the real Ark is reinstituted along with a Temple upgrade. This is to facilitate the Ascension, a transition in Time that is much more than simply a New-Age. A new Race and DNA is being generated along with a New Heaven and New Earth. The New Ark uses the Reshel to organize the Ark, Cover, Cloud and its other systems. The Ark matrix is extremely complex and is now being installed in physical humans. This will eventually be true for all humans; the system augments the light-bodies.

This introduction doesn't explain much, if anything; it is only to provide an idea of the wide range of operations the Templars and Masons dealt with (in secret), which is now being continued.

William Buehler.



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