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Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

Regarding the Isle of Wight in the UK grid systems. Tone has put together a fine system you might want to seriously look at as a Reshel system of importance (in attachments). It has a Great Pyramid spinner field that would provide the Aeriopax using the Reshel format. His grid shows a N-S and E-W double system of Pyramids (2 Aeriopaxes).

The thing I see here is the Alikar grid, its northern Reshel's Resh (Chief Head Stone) pole at Avebury and the system's Shiyn pole at Stonehenge. Its the typical female half of the grid being the obvious one. The center of the Wight system is on a bearing of 145 T or SE.

If we spin the Alikar system and "strobe" on an 8-point wheel using the Templa Mar format Wight is the SE pole or Tree of Knowledge coding as well as the Aeriopax... Glastonbury loading all of this while also interacting on the Rose Line (San Sebastian to Thurso) with Edinburgh and Rosslyn. The really big thing about this is the Wight spinner being a "rider" on the Alikar heliotropic spinner-axis while using the 145 axis as its physical down/upload site. This is also very important as the Wight center is in the base of the capstone of the Alikar Gt. Pyramid when it passes through the 145 Wight pole.

The Google Earth attachment shows green radii out from Stonehenge. The ends of these lines mark the Isle of Wight spinner centers as the heliotrope passes through them (remembering that the Wight spinner is the size of Tone's grid)


shows the Alikar grid, north half.




Dare you wear awearness?



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