William Buehler - Reshel Grids



1. http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/GlastonSpinner02.pdf 5.15

(MegalithicYards) rings at Glastonbury

2. http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/GlastonSpinners01.pdf

Added organization to 5.15 rings.


You have come up with an important grid matrix that appears to at least triple Glastonburys' capability and functions. It seems to me to be synchronized with Ascension expansion ...Glastonbury is the agna/eye chakra of the Ascension grid, possibly the most important due to the Roil/Royale processing via the Greece (Aegean) brow and Hawaii combination as a parallel with the Ascension Grid. Ref 2 adds some ideas in interpretation however I need to know your ideas about what the system does.

In my view the TOR is critical ...it contains the 1 + 7 grails (includes the original) and does other things. Your new grids appear to supplement the primary Tor systems, in other words. However they do look (to me) like a spinner system with rider(s). There is already the KYOPTOS RING made by the Anubis Mary Caine found, which is a heliotrope (Sun Tracker) but I view your Wells ring as a heliotropic spinner with two "riders": the Wells O'Purha star rider and the circular ring I've indicated in Ref 2 as the dashed red line circle. This is a harmonic of the King's Hill ring using the Star of David format.

Just what is being "tracked" is still a question in my mind, would appreciate thoughts, if you concur with the tracker idea. I'll think about it some more.




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