Lindisfarne 5.15

Something happened at Lindisfarne that made the trip a unique experience…..a group of Ufo’s turned up…..see pictures further down. This occurred while we were investigating various points on the grid.

We were attracted to two points… Lowick village , which sits near the merging of two major penta lines on the west side, and the same point on the East side marked as ‘Refuge’….situated on the causeway between the mainland and Lindisfarne Island.

1. - Lowick village sits just to the north of the convergence point of two major penta lines. A Roman road runs with the penta line marked in orange on the above graphic. The Roman road is a straight road running parallel with the penta geometry. Looking at the OS 1:50000 map showed a crook or bend in the road at the convergence point…so we both agreed it would be interesting to see how the point felt in the physical. Standing at the merge point we took 2 photos looking back towards the village of Lowick. When we downloaded the pictures later a group of ‘orbs’ can be seen on two consecutive frames travelling East to West.

Fortunately the conditions were just right to pick them up, with a low sun position and dark storm sky creating good backdrop to notice them.

As you can see below the light from the sun is reflecting off the back of the ‘orbs’….some orbs are drifting into the low cloud but can still be discerned, others are lower , below the cloud level and became the most vivid when studying the pictures later. These I enlarged

The appearance of Ufo’s at grid points is not new and is becoming more notable as sightings increase, as they have generally in the UK in recent months.

Grids are located at natural earth energy points so ‘Visitors’ may well be using the grids to power something if only their movement or used as dimensional portals. Ghost apparitions are also more common around vortex points, Temple Bruer having its own local ghosts appearing at intersecting points of the geometry. Some believe the veils are thinner between dimensions at vortex/earth energy points …hence more controversial sightings occur at them.

Lindisfarne grid.

Apart from Ufos the grid held other unique characteristics.

2. Refuge. – Rarely does a site like ‘refuge’ appear. A natural safe haven from the rising tide should you get caught out and not able to make it back to the mainland or the island itself.

For the ‘Refuge’ to be situated at the mirror point to Lowick is interesting enough, but further study alerted me to the potential high emotional drama of the site. If one was forced to use ‘the refuge’ they would be facing the stress of losing their car to the sea, they could also be facing the elation of rescue when it came…The.‘refuge’ being a place of safety and rescue.

Reading the Templar Mechanics intro pages an idea is put forward regarding human emotion being a source of energy for possibly something else looking in. I have already commented on the opening pages of mechanics regarding the high emotional output for events connected with churches…weddings ,christenings and funerals…all very emotional …lots of emotional outpouring.

If churches are involved in grid mechanics with all the emotional events they attract… is it possible other ‘high emotion’ sites like ‘The refuge’ would also feature in grid mechanics and offer something along the same lines?… Is this why ‘refuge’ is situated on the meeting of two major penta lines? …..Not only that but also at the merging point of two 5.15 circles and as such situated at the end of a Vesica Piscis.

Top point of the main penta is a major roundabout on the A1….this is the merge point of the Roman road mentioned earlier, with the main axis. Also on the main N/S axis we have the central Kyloe Tower situated within the high land feature of Kyloe Hills. Going further South we found an earthwork situated at the crotch point of the penta.

Haggerston castle – Refuge – Kyloe tower create perfect 60 degree triangle being spaced the 5.15 radius from each other.

Kyloe Tower

West side of the large outer circle sees several ancient sites including several cupped rocks falling in with the geometry along with forts and ancient ‘Ringas’.

Bowden doors a very notable land feature is situated at the meeting of 3 circles.

Cuthbert’s Way comes in at the base of the left penta leg near the land feature of ‘Town Law’ it then heads towards the centre, passes through ‘Refuge’ before reaching the holy island of Lindisfarne.

All four major footpaths/ trails focus into the Kyloe Hills central area….worth noting the route of the paths ( red dotted lines) and the changes in direction in relating to the geometry.

Lindisfarne church, Castle and Abbey all featured in the geometry as did the notable point …… ‘Castle point.’

Hills involved:

Windmill Hill, Beal, Dancing Hill, White Hill, Greensheen Hill, Heather Law, Town Law, Fenham Hill. Nice to see Dancing hill and Beacon Hill coming up again, both these names appearing around other sacred/energy sites, more coincidence …if there is such a thing.



Dare you wear awearness?

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