Temple Ewell

Temple Ewell 5.15 Geometry

We are yet to visit the Temple Ewell area, but hope to get down to Kent this year to dowse various points in the geometry .

Interesting to note similarities now appearing in the different systems.

1. Course of roads and rivers often notably change direction at the centre of the geometry.

2. Old pathways often converge/cross at the centre point and see increased ‘activity’around the centre.

On the opening pages of Templar Mechanics it is noted the points of high human interaction often fall in with the geometry…pubs, village halls, schools, stations etc…these can also be noted at points in the geometry on the Temple Ewell grid. So as not to confuse the graphic only the main churches and features of conjunction points are the ones noted.

If the idea can be considered for a moment, that human emotion/energy is ‘tapped into’ along these lines/grids, it would make sense that public paths are also affected. Crossroads are often said to be places where the mind moves into a neutral space, a choice has to be made and creates a moment of hesitation/indecision allowing paranormal influence to occur via suggestion.

Remember through the 5 senses we pick up less than 5% of reality or what is really going on around us. 95 % or more we are oblivious to….our view of reality is held within a narrow corridor of perception.

This leaves the average ‘reality restricted ’ person open to manipulation by anything with a greater, wider corridor of perception….even if we are unable to see it, hear it, feel it or smell it ….doesn’t mean it isn’t there…..it can still exist.

We stare at fish in a fish tank thinking we are top of the food chain. Can our condition be likened to the fish? Maybe something stares in at us and manipulates our sense of reality just as we do with the fish?

The blindfolded man, in a dark room, looking for a black hat that isn’t there …sums up the human condition.

One of the most unsettling thoughts for our ego based persona is that maybe we are not in control, we are just pointed in the direction to think we are….this then is the ultimate conspiracy theory. Templar Mechanics is not deterred by this line of thinking, quite the opposite and sees it as a challenge. The unknown offers the opportunity to become the known. Rather than block our ears to a thought or idea because it doesn’t adhere to our current fixed views of reality…Mechanics embraces it with a desire to know more. To broaden our sense of reality we first have to realise how limited our view of reality is….after that we can then try to expand our thinking by considering what was once unthinkable. It’s then that we start to crawl out of our own self created box….our mind prison created by our boundaries of thought .

At Temple Rockley the Wessex Ridgeway can be seen to interact with the geometry at several points. From Marlborough the trail follows the curve of a‘petal’ ….which forms part of the’ flower of life’ design around Avebury.

The same design seen here at Temple Ewell.

Temple Ewell’s petal geometry is mirrored in the path taken by the A256 after passing through, and changing direction from the centre point which is marked by a church …interesting to note a major convergence of roads at this centre point ….with crossroads and what looks to be a flyover bridge. Not noted on graphic but can be seen clearly on the O.S Map 179 Explorer series.

On the west side an area was noted marked as ‘Half way street’. This area has an intersection of 3 circles ….and marks the halfway point from the larger outer circles diameter and the edge of the 5.15’ flower of life’ circle. The larger circle being twice the diameter of the main inner circle.

Temple Farm sits on the main axis which also is the centre line of the south ‘petal’. On this main line sits the church at Temple Ewell which is positioned at the very tip of the South petal where it meets the 5.15 circle.

Two castles and a fort also feature in the geometry along with Tumuli at three points ..several being situated along the east/west axis at a convergence point of two major lines in the geometry, here the local trail/path cross over also.

North of the centre both road and footpaths/cycle ways can be seen to ‘weave’ back and forth across the main axis line…..in a snake like manner.

Large circle follows the curve of the coastline and also cuts through the port of Dover at what looks to be either the entrance or exit point for shipping. Major feature of ‘Hope Point’ on the coastline sits at the end of the East / West axis.

Geometry was drawn over O.S 1:50000 scale map of the area .

Churches involved.

Temple Ewell, Mill Hill x 4, Ringwould, East Langdon, Guston, Denton, Aylesham, Womenswold, Chillenden, Botteshanger, Sutton, Kingsdown, West Cliffe, Lydden, Tilmanstone, Shepherdswell, Maxton, Alkham.

St Nicholas (church remains) …East / West axis.

Other features.

Tumuli x 3
Castles x 2
Temple farm



Dare you wear awearness?



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