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Basic Reshel by Jackie Queally of Templar Trails

William Buehler is a long term friend whose research has deepened and verified my understanding of local ancient sites in the Roslin area where I live, as he has underpinned the local landscape and Rosslyn Chapel with geometric templates such as the basic ones I show in my book (see below). I have a keen interest in earth energies and find that these geometric nodes often dovetail with key sites I visit on my tours (www.celtictrails.co.uk and www.grail-lands.co.uk/
The Reshel geometrical patterns are present both within Rosslyn Chapel and in its immediate locality, the Reshel being an etheric geometric template overlying sacred temples and land areas. Rosslyn is in effect the most perfect though compact example of Reshel patterning in Europe. There is substantial evidence found through analyzing surviving sacred sites that the Reshel as a body of ancient knowledge was utilized in ancient cultures and continued to be used by an inner core of Templars at Rosslyn when it was built, and is still expanding its activity today. The rather complicated looking graphic shown here is much simplified in my book entitled The Spiritual Purpose to Rosslyn: Key to a Hidden Matrix, that can be purchased at :


The Third Breastplate of Metatron is one of the basic underlying patterns to the Reshel, a term first used by Maia Nartoomid (www.spiritmythos.org) and also used by metascientist William Buehler who studies ancient scriptures for universal light codes that he applies to his own speciality of sacred geometry. He applies the knowledge gained to earth grids and human artefacts built by secret bodies in the past. The pattern you see here is intrinsically linked to angles contained in both the physical and etheric levels of the Great Pyramid, Grail, tetrahedron, golden ratio rhombus, pentagonal star and others.

Spiritually it has the capacity to enflame those who choose to work with it and carry it. The main purpose of the Reshel is to assist all levels of planetary sentience to evolve. It is an etheric schematic for consciousness that links in with the inner plane mentors, and is of immense significance since the times we live in now are particularly pertinent to surges of consciousness expansion en masse.



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