Temple Bruer

Viking Way

Profound…and slightly surreal …The path of the Viking Way !

Who would have thought that an overlapping circular 5.15 system discovered at Temple Bruer, would also have a system based around the same measure at the templar site N.E of Bruer…..Maltby springs.

Not only that . If the line going through the Vesica axis at Bruer is extended it goes exactly through the Maltby axis.

The line marked green shows the path of the Viking way…note how it interacts with the different systems.

1. Maltby - Enters at the shoulder of the pentacle and heads towards the main axis and convergence point of the circle ..then turns sharply to follow the curve of the circle.

This is very clearly evident on any OS 1:25000 or 1:50000 map of which all the Templar Mechanics study is based…don’t take my word for it…buy the maps prove it to yourself.

Along this curve section of the walk lies tumuli ….the Viking way then continues toward the Vesica intersection at Biscaythorpe…before leaving the Maltby system and heading towards the Tetford system.

2.Tetford -.Hits two points on the 12 pointed star……before continuing toward the central area of Lincs where it meets various Abbeys…..It then heads to Lincoln Cathedral.

3. Lincoln – Just before Lincoln, at Fiskerton’s ‘5 mile bridge’ ( near 5 mile farm, at the end of 5 mile lane) … It makes a sharp change in direction….this is 5.15 miles from the Cathedral…..creating in total a 10.3 mile diameter circle

Another sharp upturn at the half way /5.15 diametre point can be noted as it enters the inner area …..The Lincoln cathedral geometry is complex and consists of numerous 5.15 circles culminating in a lattice ball effect. The Viking way continues to the Cathedral before heading south towards the Bruer complex.

4. Bruer- At Bruer the interaction is even more pronounced. On reaching the pentagram top it swings out to avoid it , and enters instead at the junction of circle and the extended penta arm that breaks through the circle….interestingly if you look at the Map room graphics you will see the main A607 exiting near the same point .

From here it follows the main central axis for a while before , like at Maltby….. it once more follows the curve of the circle. On reaching the pentacles central axis again, at the junction with the Vesica axis, it makes a 90 degree turn to head to the very centre of the Vesica where both Vesica axis converge to create a cross. In the physical this is marked as a crossroads!… the meeting of Roman Ermine street and the road to Wellingore….We are now at THE VESICA CENTRE !

The unseen geometry and the physical are one……just as the Bruer church has 5 physical lanes converging in the seen and 18 churches aligning through the same point , the unseen.

From here it drops to go south towards Byards leap, another Knights Templar site… making an alignment with Lincoln Cathedral as it does.

What food for thought.



Dare you wear awearness?



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